4 Routine Maintenance Tips for Your Outdoor Living Space

After building the outdoor living space that you have always wanted, whether it is in the front or back of your home, upkeep is very important. This will allow you to keep the increased value on the up-and-up as well as keep the space from losing its majestic appeal.


Decks and Patios: The second the warmer temperatures arrive get ready to start your maintenance for decks and patios.  For starters, sweep regularly. Be sure to get into the grout or crevices as well and remove all debris. Then also, clean with water. Some homeowners choose to power wash their decks and patios which is a great way to power away the dirt and debris. You can also use mild detergent or undiluted bleach. Next, keep grass and weeds from growing. Whether they sneakily make their way through or area long pathways, pull them out and use weed killers to eliminate them from popping up. Get more ideas for deck and patio maintenance from HGTV.
Furniture and Equipment: Just as it is important to maintain the decks themselves, you should also maintain the quality of your equipment. For grills, remove the grades and then with a grill brush or degreaser to eliminate all of the build-up that can accumulate. For furniture, it is crucial to clean them regularly to avoid mold and mildew build up that is unsanitary and unpleasant! Furniture that isn’t upholstered can usually be wiped down with a washcloth and mild detergent. Upholstered furniture is slightly different. Take a look at the care tips on your furniture to help you with proper care techniques. A bonus to many of them is the fact that they may be machine washable.
Fire Pits: Over time with your fire pit, you may have a build up of ashes that accumulate underneath. If left untreated, the bottom of your fire pit can lose quality. Make sure to clean the build up of ashes after each use of your fire pit to avoid this problem. Also, clean the spark screen of your fire pit by using a brush and warm water. Be sure to also wipe down the chairs and furniture that you have around your fire pit as well.
Landscaping: While you do not have to be a master landscaper, it is important to keep up the normal maintenance for your yard. First, when mowing, do not cut it too short. Leave some room on there to help with root growth and to help avoid weeds. If you struggle with your grass growing, look into options to seed it that is best for your climate. Next, hydrate your lawn! Many invest in a sprinkler system to save them time. Another great benefit of sprinkler systems is the fact that it outputs just the right amount saving you money. Other maintenance techniques include removing weeds, fertilizing and feeding your plants.

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