5 Inspired Ideas for Using Your Denver Fire Pit in the Winter

Just because the temperatures have dipped and the snow has started flying doesn’t mean your fire pit has to go into hibernation. If you’ve put in the effort of installing a fire feature in your back yard, there is no reason why you can’t use your fire pit year-round, including in the middle of winter. The following are some inspired ideas for making the most of this beautiful and functional feature during our shivery Denver winters:

Tailgate party – As football season rolls on, the football fans in your family will appreciate the chance to warm themselves around the fire as you serve up some tailgate-style food and drink. You can even grill the hot dogs right on the fire pit. The best time to gather? Before the game starts, of course. But your fire pit also provides a nice respite during half time, a good place for stretching your legs and gobbling up another bratwurst.
Leaf and brush removal – One of the best ways to use your fire pit in the winter is to get rid of any leaves or brush you may have gathered up in your yard during the fall. Instead of letting the dead foliage lie there until spring, consider putting your fire pit to work by burning the leaves now instead of bagging it for later. Yard maintenance will feel a lot more fun—and convenient.
Marshmallow toasting – Who says toasting marshmallows can only happen around a campfire? You may not be roughing it in the great outdoors, but when the cold weather sets in, you can certainly use your suburban backyard fire pit for this easy (and tasty) family-friendly activity. Invite the neighbors or your kids’ friends, gather up some fireproof sticks, top them with marshmallows, and roast them over the fire pit. Add some chocolate and graham crackers to turn your marshmallows into s’mores.
End-of-a-walk warm-up – Some people love to take long walks, especially when fresh snow has fallen. At the end of a peaceful stroll around your neighborhood, come home to a crackling outdoor fire, where you can warm your hands, thaw your toes, and bring some color back to your cheeks.
Holiday celebrations – With Christmas and New Year’s Eve just around the corner, what better way to celebrate the season than by socializing around a fire—and we don’t mean an indoor fireplace. If you’re hosting a hardy bunch who aren’t afraid of a nip in the air, gathering by your outdoor fire pit is a lovely way to enjoy the good company. Add a little mulled wine, cider, or hot chocolate, pass out lots of warm blankets and throws, sing some carols, or maybe even do the countdown to midnight as you sit under a starry sky.

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