7 Tips for Bright Basement Finishing Denver Residents Love

If refinishing your basement is on your home to-do list you are probably looking for ways to make the space feel lighter and larger than it actually is. No one wants to spend time in a dark, dreary basement, so check out these tips for basement finishing Denver residents can use to make their space feel brighter and more inviting.
Bright Color
Opting for bright paint can alleviate much of the dark appearance of many basements. Going with a white or other very light color is one of the fastest ways to brighten the space and make it feel larger and more open. Another fun option is to go with a bright, saturated color to create a cheerful space. To make sure the basement space feels as open and airy as possible, opt for painting the ceiling, columns, and bulkheads the same color as the walls. This will help avoid making the ceiling feel lower, especially if you choose a light color.
Darker Contrasts
Pairing light-colored walls with a few darker pieces creates a beautiful contrast that will actually make the space feel even brighter and create some visual interest in the space. Choose a darker side table, armoire, or entertainment center. But be sure to stop at just one or two accent pieces so you do not end up over-cluttering the space.
Open Floorplan
Even if your basement is lacking in the window department, creating a large, open floorplan is a great way to make it feel more spacious. If possible, knock down a few walls to make the area more open. The extra space is also conducive to entertaining family and friends.
Ample Storage
Nothing makes a space feel cramped and crowded faster than clutter. To help alleviate clutter, add ample amounts of storage to your basement. Simply adding a few attractive storage bins can help cut down on clutter. And if you decide to add built-in bookshelves or cabinets, be sure to opt for sleek, simple lines and paint them the same color as the wall to keep them from overpowering the space visually.
Abundant Lighting
Making sure your basement has ample amounts of light is crucial to making it feel bright and inviting. While low ceilings may prevent you from using pendant or decorative lights, combining recessed lighting, wall sconces, and floor and table lamps is a beautiful and functional way to add plenty of light. This also allows you to choose different combinations of lighting to perfectly coordinate with any activity.
It is no secret that mirrors help make any space feel bigger. Utilizing mirrors in your basement is an easy way to brighten the area and help a small room feel larger than it is, especially if the space is low on natural light.
Even if your basement windows are small, adding drapes can make the space feel more homey and intentional. Using floor-to-ceiling drapes can elongate the space, which makes it feel taller. The texture also helps to make the basement feel warmer and more inviting without taking up any extra space.
For even more basement inspiration, check out our Basements Gallery and call our team to get started on your project. We specialize in personalizing the design and build to your needs. 

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