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With spring right around the corner, the weather is going to improve, which means it’s the best time to get your entertainment spaces set up Maybe your parties are a little cramped for guests, not enough seating, no place to set up a buffet of food, or no place


Best Pavers in Denver to Use for a Pool Deck

Wait a minute—are we really talking about pools in the middle of winter? Yes, we are And that’s because it’s never too early to think about your upcoming hardscaping projects, even when it comes to a pool If you have a pool deck that needs an overhaul, now is


5 Top Trends for Denver Decks

When planning to build or remodel a backyard deck, you want to make sure you are designing the best deck for your needs that also portrays your unique sense of style In addition to creating a fun place to spend time, adding a deck is one of the 7


Are you considering a fire pit? You already know that the backyard is a great place to hang with friends and family For entertaining purposes, a wood deck with a simple barbecue is outdated These days, amenities like ponds, water features, flowerbeds, faux riverbeds, vegetable gardens, outdoor kitchens, and


4 Summer Trends for Your Outdoor Living Space

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to make the most of your outdoor living space Below are some of the latest trends to help you renovate or reinvigorate your desk, patio, and more

Kitchens: Are you a master chef? (Or just enjoy grilling out?) Many homeowners have taken


Does your home need a deck? Or is your deck dated and in need of updating? Today’s homes are incomplete without a well-functioning, modern deck that bridges recreation, functionality, and design At Kona, we understand your need for a deck that looks great, you can be proud to show

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