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Considerations for Choosing a Pergola

Considerations for Choosing a Pergola

A pergola is an addition that can seriously enhance your property. Whether you’re looking for an elegant space to entertain guests or a hideaway to relax, there are many considerations for choosing a pergola. After you choose a Denver pergola company, you’ll have to decide on a design style as well as the material, size, and amount of shade.

Here are a few ways to break down your pergola design.

Entertaining vs. Oasis

You’ll want to decide what you’ll use your pergola for before diving into the planning process. For example, will you want to use the space for entertaining family and friends or as an oasis to relax?

If you want to use a pergola to entertain others, you’ll need to make the space larger. You might even want to add features like a built-in grill or bar to make parties more accessible. But if you’d like a space to relax with a coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening, a smaller structure would be perfect for an oasis.

Consider adding a trellis to encourage plant life to thrive and increase your solitude and a more open top for stargazing at night.


How you plan to use your pergola will affect the size, but so does your property. The size of your pergola should complement other structures and features in your yard; a massive structure next to a small pool will appear imbalanced. You’ll also want to install a pergola in a flat and open area to prevent your yard from appearing crowded.


The amount of sun exposure will affect how much shade your pergola will provide. The open-style tops offer a pleasantly surprising shade, but they can be increased or decreased. The installer can adjust the wooden slats on the top to control the shade.

If your structure is built in more direct sunlight, you can opt for a lattice top as well.

Design Style

Check in with the landscaping and hardscaping of your backyard to see what your design style is. Do you notice a more defined architecture, or is your space more rustic with thriving plant life? A pergola can be designed with these elements in mind.

Arched structures add curves that complement nature, while more traditional pergolas provide straight lines for a modern aesthetic.


Pergolas are available in wood or metal. Material is one of the more critical considerations for choosing a pergola, as wood needs more maintenance than metal.

Even though wood requires a bit more care to retain its vitality, there are some downsides to choosing metal. The finishes will fade in the sun, and metal pergolas will make a considerable amount of noise in the rain.

Wood offers the traditional look and texture thanks to wood grain and a variety of staining choices.

Contact Kona Contractors with any questions about designing or installing a pergola in your Denver property!

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