Curb Appeal and Denver Decks: Transformations That Can Raise Your Home Value

Not only can renovating the inside of your home increase the value, the outside matters too! After all, it’s the first impression of the home. So whether you’re investing in a home you plan to sell, or are beginning the process of selling your home, here are some advantages to transforming your Denver decks and your home’s curb appeal:

Curb Appeal: Well-groomed landscaping and entryways can certainly add to the value of your home. It also helps draw attention for future buyers. For instance, making sure walkways are not cracking or falling apart, the paint on the exterior of the home isn’t chipping off and the front porch looks like a welcoming environment (i.e. if you have furniture it is clean, etc.) For landscaping, by no means do you need to open your budget for a lavish yard. Just make sure it’s kept up by trimming shrubs and hedges, eliminating weeds, and if there are flowers, making sure they aren’t overgrown or dying. Of course you can spend the money to create something out of this world, but even just your average up-keep and maintenance helps. Also, the curb appeal of your neighbors can affect yours too, at least in terms of selling. So if you are home searching, if your neighbors do not have kept up exteriors, that may be something to consider when you go to sell down the road.
Decks and Patios: Patios and outdoor spaces are one, a very fun way to spend your summers enjoying your backyard with family and friends, but two, definitely increases the value of your home. It creates a space that future buyers will love, especially because the addition of some type of outdoor space is a common project that owners always intend to add but never do. Living in a city with great weather creates more opportunities for homeowners to spend outside to relax, grill, throw parties and more.
Other Outdoor Additions: If you already have a great front appearance and a deck or patio, and want to further increase your home’s value outdoors, there are a few other investments you can make for a great return. First, fire pits are becoming increasingly popular. They’re perfect for cool spring and summer nights (or hey, who says you can’t hang outside in the winter?) Next, outdoor kitchens are trending. This is a great extension onto your deck or patio that is perfect for the chef of the house. By having all appliances needed outdoors, you cut down time. Last, fencing is another way you can increase your home’s value. With today’s great traditional or modern styling, you can boost privacy, clearly lay out property lines, or have a place to keep pets in.

Ready to transform your outdoor space and boost your home value? Contact us at Kona Contractors! We’ll help you get started on the project you have always hoped for and will make your vision come to life. Then, when you are ready to sell, you will make a great return on your investment!

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