Latest Offers from Trex – Now is the Time to Get Started on Your Deck Projects in Denver

The team at Kona Contractors is always looking to assist our clients in saving – take advantage of this offer by Trex and get started on your deck project today! 

10% off Trex Decking through Saturday, September 5

For the two weeks leading up to Labor Day, it’s 10% off for in-stock colors of Trex decking:

$2.89′ $2.56′ Enhanced: Saddle, Beach Dune, Clam Shell (all colors)
$3.94′ $3.55′ Transcend Tropical: Tiki Torch, Spiced Rum, Lava Rock, Island Mist, Havana Gold (all colors)
$3.73′ $3.36′ Transcend: Vintage Lantern, Rope Swing

Click for color sample pictures.

AND… when buying in-stock Trex decking projects, extend the 10% discount to in-stock Trex Transcend railing (all colors and most items are in-stock).

Other News: 

TimberTech price increase: Instead of passing on a manufacturer’s price increase at the beginning of the summer, we decided to wait until September 1.

Legacy to $4.25′ (+$0.14′, 3.4%) 
Terrain to $2.89′ (+$0.10′, 3.6%) 

Concrete now quick-drying 60 lb. bags: Because of problems/shortages with our previous 80 lb. bags that yeild 2/3 cu. ft., we have switched to 60 lb. bags that yield 1/2 cu. ft. per bag. This concrete is faster-drying (walk-on time 10-12 hours) and a  lower price of $4.95 per bag.

Redwood 2×6, no longer stocking for 2015: We have been culling a higher and higher percentage of 2×6 redwood this year in order to ship a minimum standard of quality. However the quality has continued to go down, as the cost has continued to go up, and the supply line has become tighter than ever before. Therefore we are bowing out of 2×6 redwood until the manufacturers can catch up with supply without sacrificing quality. This could be January or later.

We have good stock on balusters, 2×8/10/12, and 4×4. We also stock rough-sawn timbers in 3×6 and 6×6, for architectural needs like pergolas. 

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