Making Your Outdoor Living Space Comfortable Year-Round

If you have an outdoor living space in Denver, you’ll want to make sure it’s comfortable year round. After all, Colorado is known for its extreme temperature shifts, sometimes even within a 2 hour period. You’ve likely put a lot of time and effort into making your outdoor environment perfect. We can make some simple editions or modifications to keep the temperature of your patio or deck more agreeable during any season. Kona Contractors are your full-service hardscaping experts. We can help you with a full installation or suggest some slight improvements to make your outdoor living space a year-round retreat.

Shelter from the Elements
Building a pergola in your Denver garden or on your paver patio, or wooden deck, not only looks beautiful but will provide some shelter from light rain and the hot sun. A pergola, or even a full gazebo, provides some overhead covering while still allowing some sunshine and fresh air to filter through. It also provides some shade from the side as well with a trellis attached and some beautiful climbing vines. It also creates a more intimate and private feeling to your outdoor retreat. Check out the Denver Post article on Five Easy Climbers that will give your Colorado Garden More Privacy. We can cover all or part of the patio leaving areas to get some sun and a separate place to cool off a little bit as well.

Create a Breeze
Creating a breeze on a warm summer night makes enjoying the night air delightful. Dragging an oscillating fan in and out of the house can be inconvenient even if there are power outlets available. We can install a fan on the ceiling of your pergola or gazebo for easy access. Did you know that mosquitos can’t fly in the wind? It’s true. Mosquitos also find us by our scent and the carbon dioxide we breathe, meaning that a breeze keeps them away and makes us harder for them to spot as well. No pesky bugs, and plenty of comfortable circulating air will add to your evening patio enjoyment.

Provide Some Warmth
Even in the summertime, Colorado nights can be rather cool. A pergola and trellis can provide a shield from chilly evening winds making your patio more comfortable. You might also consider adding a fire pit for some added warmth. Open pit burning of wood is illegal in many places, including Denver County for the safety hazards it could bring as well as the air pollution it creates. We can install a cleaner burning, and safer, gas burning pit. You can grill up some burgers and keep your outdoor living space a comfortable temperature from early in the spring to well into the fall months.

Give us a call at 720-935-4922 to so that we can begin making your vision a reality. The summer in Colorado is relatively short but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your outdoor oasis practically year round with a few modifications. Patio covers, fire pits, or anything else that you can dream up can be yours. We’re experts at both city and county regulations and we’ll keep you in the good graces of your neighborhood HOA as well! Spring home improvement season is just getting started so call today!

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