New Position Available: Project Manager

February 1, 2017

Project Manager

Job Description:

Our project managers manage our outside partners to ensure project completion follows timeline and budget. This typically involves getting contracts while maintaining accountability to their fulfillment of the contract. As a measure of our standards, all of our team members must present themselves in a professional manner as the key point person communicating with Ryan and the team regarding progress and flow of each project as well as the homeowner/client. This would include daily phone calls with the management team to update and emails to the customers as well.

As a part of our team, this role would involve attending weekly meetings with the team to update progress spreadsheet, report status and progress of projects, and meet with partners. Our project manager will also be responsible for filling out daily reports to the homeowner.

Our work starts at 7:00AM on site or on job site until 5:00PM. Another duty of this role is picking up any and all materials for the job site (and will be provided a credit card for business expenses with receipt tracking). The application and pick up of permits is necessary to work with business inspectors and pass inspections – which will be another aspect of this position.

We operate on a strict project schedule, and as a project manager, you will need to monitor and record items completed, organizing sub-contractors, and inspection scheduling. A key aspect of this position will be working in conjunction with our office manager in reporting job expenses, change orders, and budgeting.

About 5-7% of the work includes tidying up projects and make sure they are completed to company standards. This work may include, but is not limited to: touch up, hauling materials, loading materials, etc.

Our working relationship is integral to our business and this position also includes the expansion of our extended network as well as collecting lean waivers from outside parties.

If this position sounds right for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

To apply: Please fill out the form located on our Careers Page

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