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Paver Patio Builders

When you’re ready for some cosmetic changes to your Genesee property, a great place to start is with new paver patio installation in your outdoor space. The team of workers at Kona Contractors have the knowledge and expertise to not only develop a modern design for your patio but carry out the installation process as well. Contact our team today to get a free estimate for your home or business.

Genesee Paver Patios

Pavers offer a very stylish and durable solution for the base of your patio. Most pavers are made from concrete, but we also offer pavers made from clay brick or natural stone. Because of the way they’re installed, you shouldn’t have to worry about your pavers cracking or breaking apart. We can create paver patios in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes, so you can narrow down what works best with your Genesee property. If you’re caught in the middle, our patio contractors will recommend what they see fit for your property.

Professional Paver Patio Installation in Genesee

Unlike other renovation companies, our patio contractors have the skills to complete the entirety of the paver patio installation, from start to finish. First, we’ll help you come up with the paver patio design that best suits your backyard. After we’ve come up with the paver patio design, we’ll work with you to decide what type of paver you want, ensuring we pick one that meshes with the aesthetic of your Genesee home or business. Once you’ve settled on a design and paver type, your work is done. The rest is on our patio contractors to carry out the installation and bring your vision to life.

Genesee’s Most Trusted Patio Contractor

Paver patio installation is a big deal for your Genesee property. You can’t afford to partner with a company, then realize halfway through completion that you’ve chosen the wrong contractors. That’s why we work tirelessly to earn the trust of our clients, showing them exactly how their yard is going to look before we commence installation. We take the extra step of providing you with 3D images in order to help you get a good idea of what your yard will look like when the final slab is paved. There’s a reason we’ve been in business for years.

Contact Kona Contractors in Genesee Today for a Free Estimate

Kona Contractors is a family-owned and operated home renovation company serving families in Genesee and across the state of Colorado. Since 2006, we’ve set out to create the perfect living space for every family we work with. If there’s a specific vision you have for your property, we’ll work with you every step of the way to bring it to life. If you need to completely redo the exterior living space of your property, Kona is your contractor. Call us today to receive a free estimate and see how we can improve your quality of life!