3 Ways to Decorate the Pergola in Your Outdoor Living Space

A quality patio is more than just a convenient place to spend time outdoors. It’s an extension of your home, which means your home’s style should be extended there, as well. One of the easiest and most practical ways to add both style and function to your patio is with a pergola.
A pergola is a great way to designate a space for socializing outside. Pergolas keep your patio visually and physically open, provide a touch of shade, and are a must-have if you do a lot of outdoor entertaining. They are also a blank canvas just waiting to be turned into the focal point of our patio with some simple decor choices.
There are many ways you could decorate your pergola. Since the beauty of a pergola is in its simplicity, a “less is more” approach allows the pergola to shine through and keeps decorating costs and difficulty to a minimum. Here are three simple ways to add a touch of personal style to your pergola.
● Lights — The options for lighting your outdoor living space are almost endless. For a classic, ethereal look, go with string lights. String lights come in a variety of styles, like rope lighting, twinkly lights, or globe lights. You can keep things simple by stringing them around the perimeter of your pergola or take things up a notch by wrapping them around the posts and individual joists, as well. To achieve a more unique atmosphere, opt for a few hanging lanterns in the corners. Or, if your pergola is tall enough, you could even opt for an outdoor chandelier.
● Plants — Some patios are surrounded by a lush, green yard while others serve as the sole outdoor space. Either way, any patio can benefit from some carefully planned greenery. An organic route is planting climbing vines around the posts. Keep in mind vines can take several years to mature and require regular trimming. A simpler option is to go with potted plants. You can plant a variety of plants in a large planter or group several smaller pots with individual plants for an eye-catching result. Hanging plants are another way to add both greenery and visual height to your pergola.
● Fabric — While pergolas are beautiful on their own, adding fabric is a fun way to soften the look of your outdoor living space. Hanging fabric from the sides of the pergola can provide some added privacy and can easily be pulled aside and secured to the posts for a lovely draped effect. Another option is to hang fabric across the top joists of the pergola. This provides a bit more shade and give the pergola some visual interest.
By implementing a few decor options, you can easily upgrade the look of your pergola, make it unique to you, and match your home’s style. Thinking of installing a custom pergola? Kona Contractors will work with you to create the best pergola that will be beautiful and provide years of outdoor enjoyment. Give them a call today.

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