6 areas in Your House to Renovate for a New Home Office

Whether you work from home or not, it is tremendously helpful to have an area at home that you can use as an office to at least use your computer, do homework, pay bills and file important papers. Creating a home office can be achieved in a variety of ways. If you are thinking about a home renovation to create an office, here are some areas of your home that you can build your office in, that you may or may not have considered. Taking into consideration the existing space in your home, the primary use for your office, and your personal comfort will help you determine the best place for your office.
Spare Bedroom- A dedicated room to make into your home office is the most ideal place because of the amount of space you’ll have and the ability to close the door for additional privacy to work.  A spare bedroom that you can convert into an office is great because you already have four walls and natural light from a window.  Now all you need is shelving, filing cabinets and a desk.  Our contractors at Kona can help you design, build and install everything you need to make the personal office of your dreams.


Basement- For a quiet, private and dedicated space for your office, the basement is also a great place to build out your home office.  While basements still typically have windows, they may be smaller and allow less light in, ideal for using a computer without glare from the window.  You will have ample room to make the perfect office.  Why not include a wall to wall cabinet for a truly cozy area to concentrate and work?


Formal Living Room- Many homes have an area traditionally reserved as the formal living room for entertaining guests. However, for many people this use of space is not very practical. It might be the perfect place to make into your office. The room is large enough to include all of the bells and whistles of a fully equipped office, typically already has natural light from a window, and making an office creates a use for a room that might otherwise rarely be used. Your contractor can help you decide how best to design your space.  Perhaps you’ll want to create a demising wall with french doors for more privacy or shelves surrounding the existing window.  If you are not sure, your contractor at Kona can make suggestions based on their expertise and experience.


Kitchen- Many of us do not have a spare room to use as our dedicated office or we may not need that much space for an office. The kitchen is an area that is a great place to install a workstation. A workstation in the kitchen offers flexibility for multitasking.  Between stirring a simmering pot on the stove, you have a moment to pay a bill from your workstation without having to leave the room. Many of us bring the mail in from the mailbox and lay it on the kitchen counter, eventually creating clutter. Why not build a workstation in the kitchen that includes a small desk, a couple of drawers, and cabinets or shelves up above to organize and store items to prevent the buildup of bills that you need to pay or or other mail that you need to open. Check out this example of a kitchen workstation from houzz.com to give you some inspiration.


Laundry Room- Another place to build a workstation is in the laundry room. This area also offers flexibility for multitasking. However, a workstation in the laundry room has other added benefits of more privacy while working and the ability to close the door behind you when you leave the room, leaving a desk with work on it out of plain sight.


Loft- A loft office is another area to consider.  If your loft is nestled in the A-frame of the roof, this would be a really interesting and quaint area to build your office. Imagine a bookcase built directly into the angled walls. Kona can help you design one that is as fun as it is functional.

Whether you work from home, do homework, or need to organize your personal files you have several options in your home to create your own office. Kona Contractors are experts in Denver home renovations and can help conceptualize and build out the perfect home office that will enable you to stay organized, efficient, and focused.

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