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6 Deck Upgrades To Make Before the Summer

6 Deck Upgrades To Make Before the Summer

Your home reflects your personality, and making the appropriate changes will give you a different perspective on reality and life. You can transform certain areas and spaces in your home to create a more pleasant environment and enhance specific characteristics and features.

Home improvements require an intentional thought process to determine which elements could greatly benefit your space and which could take more than they offer. Your home is where you can be yourself completely, implement the necessary changes and decide to do what works best for your lifestyle.

Seasonal changes are inevitable, but you can always prepare your house with protective elements and enjoyable entertainment options. These six upgrades to make before summer will give you options to make the most of your space, especially with the help of experienced professionals.

Add Shaded Protection

Your sun exposure increases in the summer due to stronger rays, creating a higher risk of developing skin problems. Different options for protection provide the necessary shade to keep you, your family and friends, and your outdoor elements safe and ready.

One of the best options is to add a pergola over your deck for the utmost protection with modern designs to match your home’s personality. Getting help from professionals with its design and installation will give your space the upgrade it needs.

A pergola offers year-long protection, especially in locations with drastic seasonal changes, like Denver, protecting your deck from sun, rain, snow, and ice. Pergolas use natural materials like wood that blend perfectly with your home’s exterior, are durable, and can manage weather changes effectively.

Entertainment Options

You can enhance your outdoor space with different entertainment options that provide extra activities while spending quality time on the back patio. Some of the best options are a fire pit, a hanging bed or swing, and a sound system to make your experience enjoyable.

Your deck is versatile, which means you can add various elements that will perfectly work around your specific space, providing unique benefits. Having a reason to spend more time outdoors with comfortable solutions will boost your immune system and produce happy hormones.

Hosting a gathering or a small party outdoors with the right elements will be a huge success without having to do much. Everyone loves using entertaining elements with simple implementations that elevate an experience and are easy to clean and maintain.

Deck Furniture

The right deck furniture will turn your space into the highlight of your home. Consider choosing those with bright colors that accentuate the natural elements in the space and complement your home’s interior. Specialized furniture will handle weather elements more effectively while maintaining comfort and durability.

The best option is to have enough seating for at least six people, making the space cozier and more functional for multiple people. Metal and wooden furniture with outdoor cushions and pillows will last for a long time, depending on your usage and lifestyle.

Easy-to-clean and low-maintenance elements are the best options because they will allow you to spend more time in other areas of your home. Waterproof features are also necessary for outdoor furniture; otherwise, rain and snow could severely damage your furniture.

Add Railings

Railings have multiple purposes, from being a safety element to enhancing your space with unique and functional designs to complement your deck. You can choose from a wide variety of options, from metal strings to clear glass, depending on your style and home’s personality.

The Rocky Mountains provide beautiful landscapes you can enjoy from your backyard with the right features and exterior elements. Our Denver deck contractors will help you decide on the best composite decking option for your home with viable solutions designed by professionals with proven experience.

If your home’s deck is on an upper level, you can install railings, ramps, and stairs with style and functionality to reach the lower level. Safety is one of the most important characteristics to focus on when installing a railing system, especially when small children, seniors, and pets are around.

Outdoor Bar

An outdoor bar is a unique way to enhance your space and create a more enjoyable experience, complementing your home’s other features, such as a fire pit and comfortable seating.

Building a bar depends on your home’s style, deck size, heat and weather protection requirements, and accessibility; not every space has the right elements for a bar, so you must be mindful of that. The ideal materials for an outdoor bar area are granite because it offers weather resistance with a unique style, stainless steel because it’s easy to maintain and durable, and wood for a natural look.

Placing your bar under a pergola, with a fire pit and comfortable seating nearby, will transform your backyard into an oasis. A home bar will help you save money on drinks, give your space a festive look, and add value to your home.

Hot Tub

The best upgrade to install on your deck before the summer is a hot tub, where you can enjoy endless hours of fun and a warm and refreshing experience. Hot tubs come in different sizes for various capacities. You can enjoy it by yourself, with your partner, or with a group of friends.

Hot tubs are the perfect addition to a space in which you want to include more entertainment options and relaxing features to help you unwind after a long day. Like a pool, hot tub maintenance is essential. You must keep it clean from dirt and debris to avoid clogged filters and a dysfunctional water system.

As a safety tip, it is essential to avoid placing glass containers around your hot tub; if a glass breaks, you must drain the tub, clean it, and fill it up again. The best way to enjoy a drink is by drinking it from a can or plastic container to keep the space safe for everyone.

We have the perfect solutions for your outdoor space at Kona Contractors, including composite deck installations, maintenance, and enhancements. You will see better, more prompt, and effective results with our team’s help, increasing your quality of life and your home’s value. Contact our team today to get started!

6 Deck Upgrades To Make Before the Summer