Fire Pit Styles For Your Outdoor Living Space

Deciding to add more functionality and sophistication to your outdoor living space is always a smart choice. While it does raise your property value, friend and family get-togethers are more gratifying when the scenery compliments the people enjoying it. One of the more tasteful ways to enhance the atmosphere of your Colorado backyard is with a custom fire pit. There are several different styles for the optimal addition to your deck or yard space. Choosing the highest quality custom fire pit is just as important as any other extension of your home. Here are some of the more popular styles currently being enjoyed by homeowners. 

The Wall Flame – An elegant line of fire can be the perfect accent when set just off to the side of a well-furnished outdoor space. Another option for a linear flame is to build seating around a rectangular shaped pit for larger groups of family and friends to gather around. Modern, pleasing to the eye, and fueled by propane or natural gas, the wall flame is one of the newer models of outdoor fire pits; an updated take on a timeless classic.            
The Chimenea – Chimeneas have been the go-to fire pit in recent years. Originating in Mexico, they have a passing resemblance to old potbelly stoves with a long chimney. Having one custom built for your deck or space is best if you prefer to use actual logs. Burning real wood fills your backyard with the pleasing aromas reminiscent of campfires, drawing everyone close on chilly Colorado evenings. The style is also an excellent addition to Southwestern motifs, popular in the Denver area.
The Classic Fire Pit – Circular, octagonal, square, or whichever shape you would like custom made, nothing beats the design and style of the classic fire pit. Like the wall flame, it can be run on propane or natural gas. They can also be built to burn real wood instead. These classic styles can be placed almost anywhere your space will safely allow. Whether seated or standing around this focal point of your property, you will be the envy of the neighborhood.    

You’ve expended a lot of time and money on your home, including the outdoor space you enjoy with those closest to you. This area shouldn’t be relegated to only the summer months. A fire pit can extend your backyard gatherings into every season. BBQs in the summer, College game day on Saturdays in the fall, and the winter holidays can all be enjoyed in comfort. If your home is where everyone usually congregates, finding the right ambiance to fit your personal style and passions can only be accomplished with a custom fire pit.

You can see some of Kona Contractors beautiful custom fire pits here. Stylish, made to last for decades, and inviting; whichever style you choose, you will have a unique way to create lasting memories with your friends, family, and neighbors, no matter the season.

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