How to Create a Fun and Functional Home Gym in Your Denver Basement

Do you have a large, under-utilized basement and a fitness goal this year? Why not combine both into a basement home gym? You may need to hire professional contractors to handle the basement finishing in Denver for you. Once you have a finished blank canvas, you’ll be ready to get fit in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Check out these tips for how you can build a home gym in your basement:

Ventilate properly – As you probably know, ventilating a basement is of top importance, especially if you’re going to be working up a sweat down there. Before you start on your new project, make sure your basement is climate-controlled. If you don’t have a climate-controlled basement, consider installing overhead fans to circulate air, or set up free-standing fans if your ceilings are low.
Sound-proof your walls – Working out tends to come with a lot of noise—from the loud music you might be playing to the sounds of exercise equipment being used—which can disturb the rest of your household. Soundproofing your walls is an investment that’s definitely worth your while. Fabric-covered, sound-proof panels can absorb the majority of the noise, and some are even mold- and mildew-resistant—an added plus for a basement.
Rubberize your floors – While it’s tempting to settle for the concrete floor you may already have in your basement, a better idea is to install rubber flooring or interlocking rubber tiles. The rubber not only provides extra sound-proofing, but more importantly it absorbs impact during exercise and makes it much easier on your joints!
Add the details – With walls and floors intact, now you can add in the fun stuff. First, bring in and place any large pieces of equipment, such as a treadmill, stationary bike, or free-weight system. Then include the accessories: a storage cabinet to stow away yoga mats or towels; a wall-mounted television and speakers if you like music or entertainment while you’re exercising; extra lighting if your basement feels dim; and large mirrors so you can check your form as you’re working out (which will also make the room feel bigger and brighter).
Personalize it – As with every other room in your house, a home gym won’t feel complete until you make it your own. Here are a few more ideas to consider:

Create a dance studio with wood flooring and a wall-mounted barre.
Install an indoor lap pool.
Paint the walls in your gym bright colors for extra energy and motivation.
Hang a punching bag from the ceiling when you need to get out some aggression.
Add a comfortable seating area for when you want to take a break or cool down after an intense workout.
Build a bathroom nearby—or connect it to your home gym—so you can easily clean up and shower off after a workout.
Place scented candles or aromatherapy diffusers around the room to keep it smelling fresh and lovely.

When it’s time to re-think your basement, call on the local design and construction experts at Kona Contractors. The basement of any house can be transformed into your dream living space.  We specialize in Denver basement finishing and remodeling and can create all styles of basements, from simple updated storage to a luxury entertaining space. Call us today to discuss your project: 720-935-4922.

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