New Year, New Ideas: Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2016

Whenever we embark on a Denver kitchen renovation here at Kona Contractors, our goal is twofold: to give you the kitchen of your dreams and to keep our eyes on what’s happening out there in the latest kitchen design. As the New Year gets off the ground, we went in search of the top kitchen cabinet trends to watch in 2016. Here are some of our favorites:

Keep it clean – If you’ve noticed how kitchen cabinets have become much more sleek and streamlined over the years, we’ve got news for you: the trend is not going away. Clean lines will continue to dominate cabinet design this year. And appliance manufacturers are getting in on the trend, too, by coming out with clever built-in appliances that cut down on bulk, create unobtrusive sight lines, and make for better traffic flow.

Shake it up – Shaker-style cabinets aren’t going anywhere either. Far from plain and boring, as they may have seemed in the past, the simplicity of these cabinets—with their square shape and recessed center—shows off the color and grain of wood beautifully. But if the natural look and feel of wood is not your cup of tea, this style also works well when painted (see below).

Go neutral – Complementing clean lines and premium-quality wood is a neutral color palette trend, such as white, gray, or earth tones. Using neutrals on your cabinetry creates a warm backdrop which frees you up to use color elsewhere in your kitchen, such as in a backsplash, on your countertops or floors, or even in brightly colored countertop appliances.

Add some glass – Glass panels in kitchen cabinets have been a recent trend in kitchen updates and new homes. Usually, homeowners go for a few chosen cabinets to install glass panels, not all (we all need to hide unorganized items sometimes). The cabinets are a great way to display pretty dishes, glassware, or collectibles. It also creates an overall fresh feel that makes the space look bigger. 

Think horizontal – The widening of cabinets means there is less of a need to stack them vertically, which also creates a more pleasing sight line. In 2016, expect horizontal cabinetry to take center stage, housing anything you’d normally store in a vertical cabinet with the help of drawer inserts and other de-cluttering measures.

Take advantage of tech – Even in the kitchen, we’re not far from our devices. Cabinet designers are creating innovative ways to incorporate technology into the heart of the home, such as built-in charging stations and tablet holders, allowing us to keep up with our tech-focused lifestyles.

Make them personal – Whether you want custom or semi-custom cabinets, horizontal drawers or vertical cupboards, the biggest trend for 2016 is personalization. Cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all cabinets have fallen by the wayside as manufacturers continue to offer an ever-increasing variety of options to suit nearly every design taste and lifestyle demand. No matter what, the go-to response from kitchen designers is simply to select the cabinets that will best fit your needs.

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