If you have an outdoor living space in Denver, you’ll want to make sure it’s comfortable year round After all, Colorado is known for its extreme temperature shifts, sometimes even within a 2 hour period You’ve likely put a lot of time and effort into making your outdoor environment


Unique Ways to Transform Your Deck in Denver

You can enjoy the outdoor with a well transformed deck If your neighbors already have a deck and you see the many evenings of entertainment that they are enjoying, why not get one yourself? Now that summer is approaching, you could use this idea to start your own home


Non-wood Material Options for Denver Decks

What decking material is best? There are numerous factors to evaluate before making that decision You’ll want to ask questions like: How will the deck be used? Is it in a shaded or sunny area? How much maintenance will it need? Here at Kona Contractors, we are aware that


Are you considering a fire pit? You already know that the backyard is a great place to hang with friends and family For entertaining purposes, a wood deck with a simple barbecue is outdated These days, amenities like ponds, water features, flowerbeds, faux riverbeds, vegetable gardens, outdoor kitchens, and


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