Spa-like bathrooms are more popular than ever in Denver, showcasing neutral color palettes, beautiful natural materials, and understated quality Here at Kona Contractors, we pride ourselves on designing and constructing luxurious bathroom remodels, but we know homeowners like to put their own personal stamp on these projects as well


Best Pavers in Denver to Use for a Pool Deck

Wait a minute—are we really talking about pools in the middle of winter? Yes, we are And that’s because it’s never too early to think about your upcoming hardscaping projects, even when it comes to a pool If you have a pool deck that needs an overhaul, now is


Everyone loves a great kitchen and the value it brings to the home If your kitchen could use a facelift, you’ll want to be sure that the changes you make will help maximize the money you spend by including a few must-haves like better ergonomics, increased storage, and even


Decks bring a lot of enhancement to outdoor spaces, but as with most wood structures, the elements like rain, wind, heat, and cold will take their toll over time Even the strongest hardwoods are not impervious to weather and aging, especially with our varying Colorado climate So how do

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