The Benefits of Adding a Pergola to Your Outdoor Living Space in Denver

A pergola can enhance any outdoor living space and is a fantastic way to spruce up your yard or add some visual interest to your garden. They come in all sizes and shapes to fit your style, taste, budget, and space. If you’re looking to add something visually interesting to your landscape, a pergola can provide an aesthetic centerpiece to your home’s exterior. We can assist you in designing and building a pergola to protect your family and deck from the sun’s harmful rays, while providing an area for loved-ones to relax, gather, and dine alfresco.

Not sure what a Pergola is? If you have ever been to a wedding, park, or botanical garden, then you have definitely seen one. They are the lovely archways and outdoor corridors made from latticework, wood, iron, etc. that are usually covered in vines and flowers.

They can seem like a simple DIY project, but a Pergola needs to hold up under the weight of plants, endure the elements, and blend in with your existing structures – including the style of your home.  So let us create an inviting oasis for you and your family. We can offer multiple designs to let you see options for your outdoor living space.

Some of the benefits of having a pergola
If you’ve just built or purchased a home and you’re waiting for trees to grow, a pergola can provide some protection from the sun and rain. Allowing climbing plants to grow up and on top of the structure can provide added shade – as well as ambiance. The overall value of the home will increase as variety, comfort, and style will be added. A yard is often just a yard without a focal point to draw the eye. A pergola can add that bit of visual interest that sets you apart from the other houses on the market. That alone is worth the investment.

A pergola can lead from the house to other structures – such as a solitary gazebo or veranda. It can shade a dining area. Pergolas can be incorporated into any design in the future if other structures are not currently present, so you are increasing the future possibilities and value of your house also.

Pergolas are also useful for adding privacy or for blocking unsightly views – like a neighbor’s ugly shed or dead tree – or your trash cans. Strategic placement of your pergola will focus your guests’ attention on elements of your own property and can add a sense of elegance to your backyard.

They are beautiful. They are a one-of-a-kind architectural element, because they combine nature and structure. A pergola brings needed color and variety to your yard; they unfailingly attract the eyes of visitors.

At Kona Contractors, we can customize pergola designs to your exact specifications. We serve the Denver Metro Area and surrounding areas in Colorado, and we’re here for you to offer support throughout the pergola building process, making it as simple, easy, and stress free as possible. Call us directly at 720-935-4922.

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