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Things To Consider When Choosing a Patio Roof Cover

Things To Consider When Choosing a Patio Roof Cover

Your home’s patio is your backyard relaxation space where you can unwind while benefiting from the fresh air. Adding a roof cover elevates and enhances the area, making it ideal for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors. You must consider some things when choosing a patio roof cover before having one installed.

Types of Patio Roof Covers

  • Pergola: Consists of vertical posts or pillars that support crossbeams and a durable open lattice. The design allows for partial sunlight, creating a pleasant balance between shade and natural light. You can also install a louvered or mechanical pergola, which includes adjustable shades.
  • Roof Extension: A solid, extended structure attached to your home that provides full coverage for your patio. The extension seamlessly blends with your home’s architecture and is excellent for maximizing shade and protecting your patio from the elements.
  • Pavilion: With a solid, pitched roof and open sides, pavilions provide ample shade and protection. Pavilions can accommodate amenities such as lighting, ceiling fans, and outdoor heaters, ideal for year-round users.
  • Awning: This cost-effective, flexible solution comes in various styles and you can extend or retract it based on your shade needs. Awnings are suitable for smaller spaces or areas with unique architectural considerations.

What To Consider

Patio Size

A smaller patio may benefit from an awning or pergola, while larger areas could accommodate a roof extension or pavilion for more extensive coverage.


A solid roof extension or pavilion may be preferable in regions with intense or frequent sunlight, providing optimal shade and full enclosure.

Personal Needs

Think about how you plan to use your patio. A pavilion with added amenities might be the perfect choice if you enjoy hosting outdoor gatherings. A pergola or awning could provide just the right amount of shelter for those who prefer a more relaxed and open atmosphere.


Your patio roof cover should complement your home and landscaping’s overall aesthetic. Consider materials, colors, and design elements that work with your existing outdoor space, creating a visually appealing and cohesive look.


Budget is a significant consideration when selecting a patio roof cover. While awnings and pergolas may be more budget-friendly, pavilions and roof extensions could be worthwhile if you’re seeking a more permanent and substantial solution.


Consider the ease of installation, including sourcing materials and finding the right contractor. Also, assess long-term maintenance requirements to ensure your patio roof cover remains in top condition.

Elevate Your Outdoor Experience

Now that you know the things to consider when choosing a patio roof cover, it’s time to turn your outdoor dreams into a reality. Contact Kona Contractors, as we offer the best patio roofing Denver has to offer! Your outdoor sanctuary awaits, whether you lean towards a pergola’s timeless charm or a roof extension’s aesthetic integration. Don’t wait! Seize the opportunity to create lasting memories under the perfect patio roof cover!