Ways to Use Pavers Denver Residents Should Try

Pavers are a common go-to material for outdoor patios, but that is not the only way you can use them. Because they come in a variety of shapes and colors, pavers lend themselves well to a number of unique outdoor project, many of which can be DIY’d. Below are ten creative options for pavers Denver residents may not have considered that can add a lot of interest and individuality to any outdoor space.

Mosaic Walkway

Get creative when you lay pavers for your walkway by creating unique mosaic designs. Pavers make it easy to change up the direction and layout of your walkways, which can create a truly eye-catching effect.

Grass Spacing

While pavers are typically installed with small gaps, that isn’t the only option. For your patio or courtyard, try leaving a large gap between your pavers and allow grass to grow through. This creates a very tranquil, natural space that feels like it has been there forever.

Tiered Walls

Adding retaining walls and steps to your patio or yard is perfect for adding structure and interest to the space. These tiered walls can be used as designated areas for flowers and plants, as well as additional seating space.

Raised Gardens

If you have raised garden beds in your yard, why not surround them with a wall made of pavers? This adds a convenient place to sit as you tend your garden and also helps it to look well maintained.

Fire Pit

Every backyard can benefit from the installation of a fire pit. And using pavers to build a fire pit  is not only easy, but also looks good and gives your family and friends a place to gather in your backyard.


If you are looking for something a bit more impressive than your standard fire pit, a built-in outdoor fireplace is the way to go. This hardscape feature create a focal point for your backyard and the ultimate backdrop for any outdoor party.


Kids love playing in a sandbox and pavers are a convenient and attractive way to build one. A simple wall a couple pavers high is all it takes to designate the perfect sandbox play area.

Water Feature

If you have always wanted a water feature or pond in your yard, consider using pavers. They are a convenient DIY option and they provide a lot of opportunity to for customization and creativity.

Planter Boxes

For a high-end, custom look, install a few planter boxes around your patio made with pavers. They are durable, attractive, and provide an ideal place to plant flowers or an herb garden.


Another way to add that customized look to your home is by adding columns with lanterns or other outdoors lights to the end of your driveway. It is a relatively simple way to make sure your home’s curb appeal is making the right first impression.

For even more inspiration on how pavers can update and improve your yard, check out our Pavers Gallery.

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