Winterizing Your Paver Patios in Denver

Seasons change—and so should the maintenance of paver patios. Fall is a great time of year to start thinking about your patio and walkways. Whether your pavers are concrete, brick, or stone, here are some smart ways to prepare and protect them for the cold and snowy months ahead, so that when spring arrives you’ll be able to fully appreciate living outdoors in Colorado again.

Concrete – Concrete pavers can stain easily, especially if metal furniture or grills are left on the patio for the duration of the winter. To avoid rust stains, spray metal legs with a clear acrylic spray or even cap them with outdoor furniture tips. If you can, remove those heavy items altogether. As the ground freezes and thaws (and then freezes again), areas of your patio can raise and settle, so removing that large table or grill will help to minimize any damage.


Brick – If you don’t plan to use your brick patio in the winter, let the snow pile up. While it may sound counterintuitive, snow actually acts as insulation for brick pavers and helps protect against the effects of those many freeze-thaw cycles. However, your brick patio or walkway may be a high-traffic area that needs to be de-iced. If so, go for a de-icing agent like calcium chloride instead of the more common rock salt, as the calcium chloride pellets cause less damage to the paver surface.


Stone – Keeping your stone pavers intact throughout the winter starts with a little weeding. Not just a summer activity, weeding is important for the fall and winter seasons, too. Make sure to pull all weeds or moss between the stones and then follow up by spraying a weed control. This will prevent any seeds that may have spread during the weeding process from sprouting during the winter and possibly disrupting the placement of the stones.


Bonus: Patio Furniture – While pavers are an important foundation of your outdoor living space, your furniture needs some seasonal attention, too. Think about storing outdoor furniture cushions indoors during the winter to avoid damage from snow and cold temperatures. If you need to leave your patio furniture outside, furniture covers will do the trick, ensuring everything stays in good shape for spring.

Looking for year-round paver tips? Check out these additional ways to care for and revitalize your pavers. Kona Contractors is your go-to source for creating, renovating, and maintaining a beautiful outdoor space. Call 720-935-4922 to get started on your project.

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