Container Pools in Denver, Colorado

Now’s the time to upgrade your outdoor living space. Adding a container pool in Denver, Colorado, before summer comes around will ensure your backyard is ready for fun and relaxation. There’s no container pool installation project the experts at Kona Contractors can’t handle.

You don’t have to choose between a gorgeous deck, outdoor grill island, or refreshing pool. Kona Contractors can build you an outdoor living space that accommodates all your desires. Our design team will blend your inground container pool into your backyard seamlessly.

What Are the Benefits of a Container Pool?

Container pools offer Denver residents so many incredible benefits that go beyond aesthetics. Still, it’s impossible to ignore how much value inground container pools add to your home. Even if you aren’t considering selling anytime soon, your home will be market-ready with this addition.

Are you looking for an eco-friendly backyard upgrade? Kona Contractors repurposes steel shipping containers that don’t contribute to the global waste problem. These durable pools outlast traditional pools by 5–10 years.

Container pool installations are fast and painless. Kona Contractors will put your backyard back together at record speeds. With a price tag that’s astronomically lower than traditional building and maintenance costs, there’s no excuse not to add an inground container pool right now.

How It Works

At Kona Contractors, we handle every part of your container pool installation in Denver, Colorado. We will plan, prep, build, and connect your new outdoor upgrade with ease.

Our expert team will tackle any custom requests to ensure your pool is perfect. This includes lighting, heating, and landscaping modifications that will take an ordinary pool to the next level. Transform your backyard into an oasis by hiring Kona Contractors.



Energy Efficient


Environmentally Friendly

Are You Ready To Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space?

Don’t wait until next summer to start planning your container pool installation in Denver, Colorado. Beat the crowd by scheduling your free consultation now. Kona Contractors has every service imaginable to design an outdoor living space you can get the most out of.

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