Custom Pools in Castle Rock, CO

Castle Rock residents need outdoor living spaces that are as regal as our city’s name. Kona Contractors offers residential pool installation services across the greater Denver area.

Why Choose a Sustainable Pool?

Custom pools in Castle Rock must live up to the town’s sustainable reputation. Traditional pool builds generate a lot of waste, consume tons of energy, and use unsustainable materials. Kona Contractors offers sustainable pool installations.

Shipping container pools repurpose steel freight receptacles that usually waste away in landfills. We also build fiberglass pools that use sand instead of nonrenewable resources. These alternative pool options come in one piece and outlast traditional pool models.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Durability
  • Accessibility
  • Affordability
  • Easy maintenance

How To Get Custom Pools in Castle Rock, CO

Building a new pool can seem like a massive undertaking. Don’t worry—Kona Contractors will handle every part of the process. Here’s what you can expect.

First, we’ll inspect your outdoor living space and make a thorough plan. We’ll find the best spot for your custom swimming pool that won’t interfere with your existing deck or patio. We can even install your shipping container pool directly into your deck!

Next, we’ll talk about customizations. How large do you want your pool to be? What kinds of special additions would you like to include? When building a custom swimming pool in Castle Rock, many homeowners add things like light fixtures and unique landscaping.

Once you approve our plans, we’ll start preparing the area. Inground pools will require some digging, but don’t panic! Kona Contractors will quickly prep your space and clean up any messes.

Residential pools from Kona Contractors come in one piece, making installation simple! Once everything is in its proper place, we’ll connect utility lines to run your electrical features. All that remains is to add water!

Hire Kona Contractors for Expert Swimming Pool Installations

Installing your pool is only part of the job. When you need repairs or extra backyard additions, Kona Contractors will answer the call. Contact us today to prepare your outdoor living space for the next season.


Energy Efficient


Environmentally Friendly

Expand Your Outdoor Living Space With a Custom Pool

We here at Kona are excited to add custom swimming pools built out of shipping containers or fiberglass to provide year-round pool installation in Denver to our repertoire of offerings. This exciting new addition will open up limitless options for our custom outdoor living spaces by integrating a wide variety of spas, water features, and custom inground swimming pools of all different shapes and sizes.

Modular shipping container pools and fiberglass pools are an environmentally friendly, affordable, and beautiful way to enhance your outdoor living space. They are the best upgrade from your traditional concrete pool. We can incorporate a Denver shipping container pool into your deck or patio, above or below ground, or as a stand-alone feature to expand your outdoor real estate use.

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