Luxury Swimming Pools in Parker, CO

Every home in Parker, CO, would benefit from a custom swimming pool. However, you can’t trust just anyone to design and install your backyard additions. Kona Contractors has what it takes to meet all your outdoor needs.

How Kona Contractors Upgrades Residential Swimming Pools in Parker, CO

Efficient Designs

Colorado natives are at the forefront of eco-friendly home designs. Kona Contractors offers unique shipping container and fiberglass swimming pools for Parker, CO, residents prioritizing sustainability. Our efficient designs reduce your home’s environmental impact.

From reduced energy consumption to recycling materials, you won’t find better swimming pool contractors to meet your needs. Our pool alternatives are just as durable as traditional models, so you can enjoy your pool all year long.

Quick Installation

Building a pool can take a lot of time. Contractors have to dig up your backyard, leaving it unusable for weeks. Kona Contractors can install swimming pools in Parker, CO, at record speeds.

Custom swimming pools are like snowflakes; every model is different. From size to depth, we’ll ensure your new addition fits your space like a glove. We can personalize your pool even further by adding lights, heating components, and landscaping.

Expert Maintenance

The most attractive swimming pools in Parker, CO, receive regular maintenance. Caring for a shipping container or fiberglass pool requires significantly less effort than traditional pools.

You don’t have to call different swimming pool contractors to make repairs. Kona Contractors is your one-stop shop for all your outdoor living needs.

We’ll spruce things up and make your space look as good as new. If your custom pool sustains damage, Kona Contractors won’t hesitate to make things right.

Go With Kona Contractors To Build Your Dream Pool

Are you ready to take your outdoor living space to the next level? If so, contact Kona Contractors today. We’ll schedule a consultation and start the process ASAP. We can’t wait to fit your family into the custom swimming pool of your dreams.


Energy Efficient


Environmentally Friendly

Expand Your Outdoor Living Space With a Custom Pool

We here at Kona are excited to add custom swimming pools built out of shipping containers or fiberglass to provide year-round pool installation in Denver to our repertoire of offerings. This exciting new addition will open up limitless options for our custom outdoor living spaces by integrating a wide variety of spas, water features, and custom inground swimming pools of all different shapes and sizes.

Modular shipping container pools and fiberglass pools are an environmentally friendly, affordable, and beautiful way to enhance your outdoor living space. They are the best upgrade from your traditional concrete pool. We can incorporate a Denver shipping container pool into your deck or patio, above or below ground, or as a stand-alone feature to expand your outdoor real estate use.

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