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Denver Privacy Wall Builders

A Privacy Wall Installation Company You Can Trust

Our customers always want to know what the benefits are that come along with having a privacy wall installation for your Denver home. We have seen homeowners appreciate a privacy wall installation for additional seclusion, animal boundaries, and additional protection for privacy. With as rapidly as Denver is expanding, space is hard to come by. A quality privacy wall in Denver, Colorado, helps you make the most of the space you have while providing an aesthetically appealing installation. Climate control is another benefit of privacy walls, as these shield your outdoor living space from the sun’s direct rays and your neighbors view. A quality privacy wall gets you out of the sun and into the shade in the summer. It also gets you out of the rain, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space in the spring and fall. Add one of Kona’s outdoor fireplaces and you have an outdoor space ready to be utilized year-round! If you’re ready to make the most out of your deck or patio, Kona Contractors can help you get there by installing a quality privacy wall in Denver.

What is a Privacy Wall?

Since outdoor living spaces in Denver are becoming more popular, so is the need for privacy and protection. Privacy walls keep the sunlight out on sunny days and ensures limited vision into your outdoor living space. Our privacy wall design and installation process is quick and seamless. Using red cedar wood for Colorado decks and patios, we guarantee at least a 5 year warranty on our installations. 

Privacy Wall Builders in Denver

      When you’re searching for a company to install the privacy wall you’ve always dreamed of in your Denver backyard, look no further than Kona Contractors. We’ve worked hard to become one of the finest outdoor living space design companies in Denver, and our unique privacy installation services are part of what distinguishes us from the crowd. The best decks are the ones with tons of privacy. Nobody wants their entire neighborhood looking into their relaxation space. Prioritize privacy by building barriers to secure your area. Kona Contractors is your premier Denver outdoor living space design and installation company.

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