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Outdoor Living Contractors, Patio Pavers, and Custom Deck Designers in Englewood, CO

We understand that there are a number of different companies you can use to complete your Englewood outdoor lifestyle project. Through our quality service and professionalism, we’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as one of the top outdoor living companies in Englewood. Our quality of work speaks for itself. We’ve established a team with years of experience designing and installing decks, patios, roof covers and pergolas in the Englewood area. When you hire Kona Contractors to handle your Englewood outdoor living space project, we guarantee that you’ll not only receive some of the finest quality of work in Englewood, but the highest level of professionalism and customer service as well. The long list of exterior improvement services we are proud to offer to the Englewood area includes:

Custom Deck Design to Fit Your Home

A deck can be a wonderful addition to any home. When you make the decision to invest in a deck, the possibilities are limitless. The addition of a deck on your Englewood property is a fantastic way to expand your living space at a relatively low cost. Englewood benefits from beautiful weather, and there are few places better to enjoy that scenery than on your deck at your own home. If your Englewood property could benefit from a new deck, Kona Contractors has a team of experienced deck designers and deck builders to make sure that you receive the deck of your dreams.

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Comprehensive Roof Covers and Extensions in Englewood

Few things beat spending a nice summer day on your Englewood deck or patio. The only problem with that is the summer sun be brutal at times, making your deck or patio a difficult place to hang out throughout the year and during various parts of the day. If you’re someone who enjoys spending as much time on your deck or patio as you possibly can, a deck cover or patio roof is a necessity for you.

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Dozens of Unique Paver Patio Options for Your Englewood Property

If a deck doesn’t quite suit your outdoor living needs, a patio may be exactly what you’re looking for. When you make the decision to install a patio on our Englewood home, you need to make sure that your patio turns out exactly the way you want to the first time. The professional patio installation team at Kona Contractors has the knowledge and ability to install a wide variety of patio pavers to ensure that you receive the exact patio you’ve been dreaming of.

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Reliable Pergola Construction with 20 Years Experience

Your Englewood home is likely the most significant invest that you’ll make over the course of your lifetime. When you spend as much money on something like your home, you deserve to make that home look and feel exactly the way you want. Sometimes a deck or patio isn’t part of the goals that you have for your property, but you are interested in some sort of backyard feature. If that’s the case, Kona Contractors can design and install a quality pergola that suits your backyard.

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to your Englewood home. We offer a number of quality outdoor living services to help you achieve the goals you have for your Englewood property. Whatever that vision may be, the professionals at Kona Contractors would be happy to talk it over with you. If you feel like your Englewood home could benefit from one of Englewood’s top hardscape contractors or patio paver designers, feel free to contact us now to begin your outdoor project and talk with our team about your vision. Our team of professionals can handle a wide variety of patio pavers to ensure that you’re receiving the exact patio you want in addition to designing and installing decks, fire pits and pergolas. We can customize our designs to your exact specifications. Call us directly or fill out the form below and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

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