Fiberglass Pools in Denver, Colorado

Denver residents have a new way to upgrade their outdoor living spaces thanks to Kona Contractors. Our unique fiberglass pools in Denver, Colorado, offer homeowners a beautiful way to transform their backyards. Whether you need pool installation or a complete deck overhaul, Kona Contractors can get the job done.

We don’t stifle our clients’ creative potential; in fact, we encourage it! Your custom requests make your outdoor living space special. Kona Contractors wants to honor your desires and help you put a personal touch on an otherwise boring backyard.

Where does an inground fiberglass pool fit into all of this? Well, these water features are easily customizable in terms of size, shape, and overall design. We treat every Denver home like a snowflake: not a single one is the same.

What Is a Fiberglass Pool?

Traditionally, contractors build with concrete, vinyl, and other non-sustainable materials. Kona Contractors offers fiberglass pool installations in Denver, Colorado, that feature eco-friendly materials. Since our city is a pioneer in sustainability, homeowners often jump at the chance to incorporate “green” structures into their backyard design.

Fiberglass comes from sand, which is abundant and self-restoring. Fiberglass pools don’t require liners or unnecessary support structures. Instead, we build a fiberglass shell and install it in one piece.

Why Choose a Fiberglass Pool?

Sustainability isn’t the only benefit that fiberglass pools offer. These water structures are easy to build and install. Your backyard will be as good as new in no time—especially when compared to installing a traditional pool build.

Fiberglass pools in Denver, Colorado, cost less to maintain your average pool. Reinvest your savings into your outdoor living space, and let us work our magic. We can customize your underwater oasis with lights, heating features, and landscaping to make your backyard your personal paradise.


Energy Efficient


Environmentally Friendly

Build a Fiberglass Pool With Kona Contractors

Adding an inground fiberglass pool has never been easier. Contact us today to receive a free consultation. Summer will be here before you know it; get your outdoor living space ready for the season by calling Kona Contractors today!

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