4 Summer Trends for Your Outdoor Living Space

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to make the most of your outdoor living space. Below are some of the latest trends to help you renovate or reinvigorate your desk, patio, and more.

Kitchens: Are you a master chef? (Or just enjoy grilling out?) Many homeowners have taken dining outdoors to the next level by adding kitchens to their outdoor space. While you can cook inside and bring the food outside, many chefs enjoy being able to grill and prep food outdoors where the party or gathering is. Some homeowners just have grills, but others have invested in a variety of kitchen equipment such as refrigerators, ice makers, ovens, sinks, counter space, cabinets, trash areas, and islands. This is a great way to have some of the essentials, such as drinks and dinnerware, readily available so you can keep the party 100 percent outdoors.
Rooms: The concept of “outdoor rooms” are quickly gaining in popularity. Basically, they are making comfortable environments to watch television, read, relax, eat, and more. The furniture in this type of setting has a variety of weatherproof seating options from chairs and hammocks to couches to tables. Other homeowners have incorporated ceiling fans to create a cool environment and add their personal touch in terms of décor. With Denver’s mild weather, it is a great state to invest in an outdoor living space. This is popular on decks with awnings or in backyards by fire pits.
Heat: Even in the summer, some nights can get chilly! Homeowners are looking to add various features to keep them and their guests warm—aside from having blankets and jackets readily available. Fire pits are one of the top ways this is being done, and they’re a great addition to your outdoor space to relax and stay warm. Plus, they enhance the look of your yard, which can increase the value of your home.  If a fire pit is not for you, you can look into patio heaters to keep in the area. They are available in a variety of styles that either sit on the floor or can hang.
Technology: Homeowners are bringing technology luxuries that they have inside into their outdoor areas and Denver decks. Smart home technology can make spending time outside very enjoyable. Some of the most popular uses are sound systems but you can also use it for heating and cooling. It is also great to be able to control lighting by a quick tap on your tablet or smartphone.

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