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Non-wood Material Options for Denver Decks

What decking material is best? There are numerous factors to evaluate before making that decision You’ll want to ask questions like: How will the deck be used? Is it in a shaded or sunny area? How much maintenance will it need? Here at Kona Contractors, we are aware that


Spa-like bathrooms are more popular than ever in Denver, showcasing neutral color palettes, beautiful natural materials, and understated quality Here at Kona Contractors, we pride ourselves on designing and constructing luxurious bathroom remodels, but we know homeowners like to put their own personal stamp on these projects as well


Fire Pit Styles For Your Outdoor Living Space

Deciding to add more functionality and sophistication to your outdoor living space is always a smart choice While it does raise your property value, friend and family get-togethers are more gratifying when the scenery compliments the people enjoying it One of the more tasteful ways to enhance the atmosphere


Denver Bathroom Remodeling: Top Three Trends

Spring is the perfect time to make upgrades to your home When it comes to your Denver bathroom remodel, it can provide several benefits to your home and space In addition to creating a new space that is more accommodating to you and your family’s needs, updating your bathroom

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