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Winterizing Your Paver Patios in Denver

Seasons change—and so should the maintenance of paver patios Fall is a great time of year to start thinking about your patio and walkways Whether your pavers are concrete, brick, or stone, here are some smart ways to prepare and protect them for the cold and snowy months ahead,


Paver Tips for Patios in Denver

Home shows and media focus on outdoor living centers upon decks, but the back patio hasn’t lost its luster A durable outdoor living space, the patio offers benefit similar to decks, but without as much work once installation is complete However, “not as much work” does not mean “no


Unique Ways to Transform Your Deck in Denver

You can enjoy the outdoor with a well transformed deck If your neighbors already have a deck and you see the many evenings of entertainment that they are enjoying, why not get one yourself? Now that summer is approaching, you could use this idea to start your own home


Safety in Denver Basement Finishing

Updates in building safety codes related to residential basements can pose new challenges to homeowners and added expense to their basement finishing projects Don’t think of it as just another needless requirement imposed by far-away bureaucrats with nothing better to do than take a few thousand more dollars out


Decks bring a lot of enhancement to outdoor spaces, but as with most wood structures, the elements like rain, wind, heat, and cold will take their toll over time Even the strongest hardwoods are not impervious to weather and aging, especially with our varying Colorado climate So how do


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