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Questions To Ask Before Installing Your Pergola

Questions To Ask Before Installing Your Pergola

Pergolas are amazing additions to an outdoor space, providing a stylish backyard sanctuary. Whether you plan to use your pergola for entertainment, relaxation, or simply to enhance the look of your home, it is important to ask these questions before installing your pergola. Before plunging into this new project, take measures to ensure it goes smoothly and fulfills your vision. 

Why Are You Building a Pergola?

Ask yourself why you are building this structure. If your immediate answer is shade, you may need to rethink this specific project. While pergolas can provide sun filtration, they are not known as a shady structure. Additionally, consider how you will use your pergola to ensure it is large enough for your plans. If you plan to host outdoor events, your structure should be significantly larger than one that is merely meant to enhance your garden’s look. 

What Is Your Budget?

Before starting any home project, you must determine your budget. While you may have grand plans, you should set your expectations accordingly before beginning any work. Discuss your ideas with contractors and receive a quote to accurately design your space.

Where Will the Pergola Be Placed?

A pergola can be attached to the side of your house, or you can build it to stand freely. Determining which style is right for you is important for design aesthetics. Make this decision when consulting with professionals, as they can help figure out the project’s logistics depending on where the structure will be. 

What Style of Pergola Do You Want?

There are many styles of pergolas in various shapes and sizes. Refer to the aesthetic appeal of your home and backyard when selecting which will look best. Additionally, consider whether you want a traditional or louvered pergola. A traditional pergola offers minimal functionality, whereas a louvered pergola allows for a greater variety of options since you can shift and alter the slats to create a shade concept to your liking. A louvered or mechanical pergola will give you greater sun protection, weather resistance, and privacy.

What Material Will Your Pergola Be Made Of?

Like pergola styles, there are also many materials to build with. Choosing a material that matches your home is commonplace, as this is most appealing to the eye. The different types of materials that make up pergolas include:

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum 
  • Steel
  • Concrete

Who Should You Hire?

Now that you have a clear vision of your pergola, it is time to hire a professional to guide and carry out your project. Contact Kona Contractors, Denver’s best pergola builders; we will prioritize your vision and ensure the highest quality of construction for the betterment of your home!

By asking these questions before installing your pergola, you can fully prepare to transform your backyard into an elevated, beautiful area. Whether you’re hosting or relaxing, your pergola will be the best possible place to enjoy the great outdoors!