4 Ways to Prep Your Outdoor Living Space For Winter

Winter is just around the corner and if you have not seen your first snow of the season in your area of Colorado, chances are you will very soon. Before winter is in full swing it is important to prep your outdoor patio or deck. In fact, the first step on this list of 12 ways to winter-proof your home is protecting your outdoor living space. Simply follow these four simple steps and your quality deck design will be well protected all winter and ready for you to start enjoying again come spring.
Clean Up
The first step to getting your outdoor space ready for winter is with a thorough cleaning. Debris like leaves, dirt, and pine needles can settle between the boards or pavers of your deck or patio which can increase the chance of mold and decay. Before that debris gets covered in a layer of snow, sweep the area clean with a broom then spray it down with a garden sprayer. To kill any existing mold or mildew, dilute one part bleach with three parts water and apply using a garden sprayer. If your patio needs a deeper clean, you can carefully use a pressure washer set at no higher than 800 pounds per square inch.
Clean Your Grill
Come spring, the last thing you want is to open your grill and find it covered in rust. Thoroughly clean all the racks with a grill brush and give the burners and other metal parts a coat of cooking oil to help prevent rust by repelling moisture. It is also smart to cover the gas line opening with plastic to keep mice or other small animals from making it their winter home. No matter what type of grill you have, be sure to cover it with a heavy-duty vinyl cover.
Protect Your Furniture and Accessories
Between the moisture and the freezing temperatures of winter, your outdoor furniture can experience some serious problems. Even if your furniture and cushions are made for outdoor use it is a good idea to store them indoors or cover them in waterproof material to avoid water accumulation and damage. You should also protect sturdier features like grills or fountains with heavy-duty vinyl covers. And do not forget to either cover or seal other wood pieces like benches, birdhouses, and garden boxes.
Remove Plants
Potted plants are highly susceptible to freezing temps and also provide an ideal spot for water to accumulate and cause damage. Whenever possible, move flower pots and planters indoors for storage. If the planters are too big or you simply have nowhere else to store them, be sure to elevate them off the surface of your patio and wrap them in burlap or other insulated material to help protect both the plant and the planter.
Winter can be a hard time for your outdoor space and it is important to protect your deck or patio now so it is ready to be enjoyed the moment the temperatures warm up. If you are interested in designing a patio or deck for you home, take a look at our deck gallery for some inspiration and contact us today.

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