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4 Ways To Prep Your Outdoor Living Space for Winter

4 Ways To Prep Your Outdoor Living Space for Winter

An outdoor space on your property comes with some challenges during the winter season. Most characteristics and weather conditions related to cold temperatures can damage your equipment, landscape, and furniture.

These four ways to prep your outdoor living space for winter will give you the best advice on taking care of your exterior lounge space. Small changes will have a big impact, especially when dealing with cold conditions, and the benefits will make it all worthwhile.

Clear Your Deck

Your deck is one of the main elements of your outdoor living space that deals with seasonal challenges. During winter, you need to remove snow when it accumulates to avoid weight damage and a potentially weakened wooden base. Fortunately, decks are strong and made of reliable materials that can withstand constant changes and weather conditions.

Before the first snow, it is important to clear everything that could get damaged from snow, like furniture, cushions, and objects that could rust from moisture accumulation. Keeping your deck clear during the winter months will expand its lifespan.

Protect Your Roof

Before winter begins and the first snow falls, you need to locate and fix any roofing issues to avoid leaks and roof damage and prevent mold from developing. Keeping your roof in optimal condition will give your home the exterior protection it needs.

A reliable roof will make it easier to deal with snow and stormy weather and prevent ice damage from occurring. You must ensure that anywhere snow can accumulate is ready for the winter months.

Cover Your Fire Pit

Outdoor fire pits in Denver are popular and provide a unique ambiance to a space year-round. Weather conditions in the Rocky Mountains could sometimes exceed the standards, and at Kona Contractors, we have everything you need to keep your fire pit safe and functional.

Use a fire pit cover to keep away snow and moisture during the winter months when it’s not in use. You can still take advantage of your firepit when the weather conditions are adequate during the day or night.

Shovel the Snow

This task is challenging, especially when snow reaches high levels, hides paths, and covers outdoor furniture on your patio. To prep your outdoor living space for winter, you must remove anything that could get stuck in the snow and potentially get damaged.

Shoveling snow will minimize its impact on your home and landscape. Keep paths clear in case of an emergency. You must prevent snow from accumulating on your deck, so use a plastic shovel to avoid damage and maintain a strong structure.