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5 Reasons We Love Shipping Container Pools

Swimming pools can be significant investments, some swimming pools can cost up to 100,000 for concrete inground pools. When you are researching the best choices for your outdoor living space lifestyle, it’s important to consider quality design, installation, and maintenance. Traditional swimming pools take time to coordinate permits, monitor quality installation of the pools properly, and create a system to monitor all the upkeep involved. Low maintenance with a high reward is where everyone’s focus is nowadays. Homeowners are always looking for innovative and new ways to improve their outdoor living spaces without a massive undertaking.

Enter shipping container pools —a cool and trendy new way to approach backyard fun. If you’re thinking about joining the craze, here are five reasons we love shipping container pools.

They Are Portable Pools

One of the most attractive advantages of shipping container pools is that they’re portable. Unlike traditional pools that are built in ground with concrete filling, our shipping container pools are available for extraction anytime. You don’t have to leave your precious investment behind when you move. If you fall in love with your pool, you can always take it with you. Investing in a container pool will cut back labor costs for installation tremendously, every time you install one.

They Are Low Maintenance

Many people avoid installing a concrete pool because of the maintenance it requires. It takes a lot of work to keep traditional pools in good condition, free of cracks for example. On the other hand, shipping container pools require much less effort since they are strategically designed for sustainability and durability since the entire container pool is built out of steel.

Shipping container pools are way more durable than their ordinary counterparts. You’ll spend less time making repairs and remodeling eroded siding. While you’ll still have to establish a cleaning routine to keep the water clear, these pools don’t require as much time and energy.

They Are Easy To Install

Another reason we love shipping container pools is that they’re easy to install. Building an underground pool is a complex process. You have to clear space and dig up much of your yard before you can even start laying down materials. Installation of a container pool with Kona Contractors allows the additional option of installing the container pool within your deck or as a stand alone feature in your outdoor living space.

Traditional concrete swimming pools can be a costly expense on finances and time. Our shipping container pools are built offsite to reduce time spent onsite for installation. While most contractors will spend weeks digging up the ground and leveling it, we are able to install a shipping container pool within days, regardless of your outdoor living space slope. Installing a shipping container pool allows you to save time and money since container pools are built leveled.

They Are Sustainable and Affordable

Nowadays, sustainability is the name of the game. People are always looking for ways to make their homes more eco-friendly. Shipping container pools are sustainable options for the environmentally conscious homeowner. Shipping container pools are built entirely of steel, adding long term sustainability to your outdoor living space. While traditional pools last 10-15 years, shipping container pools will last 20+ years.

These kinds of pools come from already-existing shipping containers. You don’t have to use new materials to build these backyard features. Shipping container pools encourage recycling efforts and will fit perfectly into your sustainable home, whether your ground is leveled or not.

Of course, the best shipping container perk comes from their price tag. Traditional pools are built out of concrete filling that are prone to calcium build up, rust from a crack building up, or pooling of water at the bottom causing the pool to start “popping”. These pools can be significantly cheaper to install and maintain than traditional ones due our quality waterproofing installations.

Since shipping containers take less time and effort to install, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for labor. Their sustainable qualities also decrease their price and make them cheaper to repair if they do sustain damage.

They Are Customizable

Investing in a shipping container pool does not limit your options for your dream pool for your premier outdoor living space. While there is a restriction on pool length and width options, adding custom features is not a restriction. Explore your outdoor living space needs with the options to add a jet stream, jacuzzi, windows, or solar covers to protect your pool and provide additional safety for children. Shipping container pools are attractive due to their reduction in labor costs which can open up the discussion for “How can I customize my outdoor living space more to improve my quality of life?”.

Have we done enough to convince you to add a custom pool to your outdoor living space? If so, contact Kona Contractors and let us install your new sustainable outdoor living space feature.

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