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Deck Design Ideas to Try This Year

The deck is not just some outdoor construction. Once thought-through and executed nicely, an outdoor deck becomes an ultimate extension of your house, a place of magnetism for the whole family and friends, and, of course, a smart investment into the value of your property.
A deck is a place where you can enjoy quality time with your children, relax after a long day at work or hold the most spectacular family gatherings and birthday parties. However, it is not enough just to build a deck to enjoy all its benefits. Many property owners don’t even guess how much they are missing once they neglect some pretty simple design tricks and principles.
In this article, we have collected the trendiest idea of the season. They will help you instantly enhance your outdoor space turning even the simplest deck into your private resort.

Add a Pergola
You really enjoy your deck and had big plans for it! But suddenly, you and your family realized that you could use it only a couple of months per year. This problem is familiar to so many people. Once summer comes, direct sunlight make it impossible and even dangerous to remain at your deck for more than several minutes.
Luckily, this problem can be eliminated easily and in a very stylish way. Just add a pergola to your deck, and you will instantly get a shady get away from the sun on a hot summer day while still being able to enjoy the outdoors or observe your children in the swimming pool.
Pergolas are stylish and fully customizable constructions. You can decide on their size and design and install them while you are building a deck or add to the existing one at any moment.

Add deck lighting
Outdoor lighting has two important purposes – it instantly enhances the area, making it look cozy and inviting at night, and serves as a significant safety factor. For example, once you have stairs at your deck or your swimming pool is not secured with a fence around it, you definitely want to have lighting at your deck.
And of course, hardly can you imagine anything more romantic than sitting outside with your extraordinary one stargazing and enjoying soft, warm light from outdoor lamps. Of course, candles might seem like the most romantic solution, but the fire hazard, especially on a windy evening, may make them pretty dangerous.
There are many deck lighting variations – from lamps installed in the railing or stars of your deck to cute garlands that you may place on a tree, wall, or hand under the ceiling of a deck pergola. The choice is up to you, but whatever lighting solution you pick will instantly enhance the atmosphere at your deck.

Multileveled deck
Adding layers to your outdoor construction is a perfect solution, for example, if you live in Colorado’s mountain area. In this case, you get a chance to enjoy and exploit the whole potential of your probably sloping outdoors.
It is also a perfect way to finally get the most from your property, utilizing those dead areas over the entrance porch or garage.
Also, multileveled decks allow you get several outdoor spaces instead of just one big outdoor area. It is very easy to separate them into sections and find a perfect corner for each family member, where you can enjoy your privacy while still spending time all together outdoors.

Add a fire table
Nothing is more relaxing than observing the sophisticated dance of fire flames on warm summer nights. However, most of us will agree that fire does not work well with outdoor decks, especially those built from wood.
Adding a propane fire table is a perfect solution for any deck. It will allow you to make the area cozy and warm even during cold winter evenings. A fire table is a perfect place to arrange a date night with your partner or a camping site for children without even the need to leave the house.
As long as you follow all the precautions and manufacture instructions, fire tables are perfectly safe even for wooden decks and while windy nights.

Arrange an outdoor kitchen or a barbecue area
Once you were building your deck as a comfortable surrounding for a swimming pool and a solarium area or just like a private place where you can relax with a glass of vine after a long working day, you might be missing the greatest benefit of having a deck – a barbecue area.
Arranging an outdoor kitchen, a home-bar, barbecue, or a fire pit at your deck will instantly add many possibilities for your outdoors. From now on, you will be able to hold neighborhood barbecue parties or collect your friends for a game night safely without the risk of messing up the place and having to rearrange it afterward. With a thought-through barbecue area, you can impress everybody with your cooking while ensuring that your friends and family are safe and comfortable. Add a pizza oven, minibar, hand a TV next to the barbecue, and you will get a place to hold parties, collect your beloved ones or simply relax on the weekend, getting the most from you outdoors.

Lakefront decks
Once your property is located in the mountains, borders of faces, a lake, or a river, it is a crime to waste those sights and not be able to enjoy them on quiet evenings with your beloved ones. Lakefront decks are not just a perfect addition to your house that will let you get the most from its location but also a smart investment in the property that adds a great deal of value once you decide to put it on the market or rent to vacationers.

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