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Common DIY Deck Building Mistakes

A beautifully crafted deck can make a desolate yard into an inviting space perfect for entertaining. A deck can expand your living space during warmer

The Difference Between a Deck and a Patio

Whenever nice weather comes around to your neighborhood, you’re sure to glimpse people outside—especially after a snowy or rainy season. Backyard living areas allow homeowners

Different Types of Deck Styles

Different Types of Deck Styles

Your outdoor space is a truly valuable asset to your home. Hence, it’s only logical that installing or updating a deck can make for an

Deck Design Ideas to Try This Year

The deck is not just some outdoor construction. Once thought-through and executed nicely, an outdoor deck becomes an ultimate extension of your house, a place

Composite raised deck

PVC vs. Composite Decking

A comprehensive comparison of the most popular alternative decking materials Once you decide to get a Deck for your Denver property or rebuild the one

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