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Top Tips for Designing a New Backyard Deck

Top Tips for Designing a New Backyard Deck

Are you thinking ahead and dreaming of sunny days out in the backyard? How do you plan to spend them once some warmth and sunshine arrives back in your area again? As a homeowner, building a new deck in your yard can be a wonderful way to expand your living space into the great outdoors and experience all that your outdoor space has to offer—views, entertainment ideas, and gathering space options galore. Throughout the majority of seasons during the year, a deck will be a beneficial feature to suit your current lifestyle, as well as a valuable investment for years to come.

However, designing a deck is no easy task. Sure, you can DIY it with some help, but it takes a village to turn a mere design on paper into a brilliant reality in front of your eyes. The concept of a new deck sounds simple enough, but expert execution takes a lot more behind the scenes planning, thought, and patience. If some helpful hints sound good, we’ve compiled a number of top tips for designing a new backyard deck you should know. Let’s take a quick look at them now.

Consider Its Usefulness

According to your own needs and desires, your deck will have a specific purpose that is to be fulfilled. Can you anticipate this purpose already? What are you going to use the deck for? The key is to avoid function restraints from the get-go. Picture how you, your family, your friends, or other guests will most utilize the space. Will you install a fire pit, a big grill, or a hot tub? Put out a lot of outdoor furniture? Is it more for dining, entertainment, or relaxation? Whatever the deck’s main use is to be is exactly how you should plan to design the space and accommodate for necessary features.

Be Attentive To the Details

Your backyard is unique—whether you’re tucked away from people, stuck in the suburbs, or living within city lines, your yard is not like anyone else’s. You need to be on the lookout and research for deck styles that you like. Be sure to save pictures of any decks you favor to show to licensed designers and contractors. Do you prefer one-tier or two-tier? What kind of railing? Consider where and how will the deck be accessed—solely by stepping out of a sliding glass door or with a spiral staircase from the ground? A deck’s style is heavily dependent upon the lot of your backyard—what is its shape and slope?

Don’t Be Afraid of Creativity or Color

If you’re designing a new deck to replace an old one torn down, or simply building one that was never there, then it’s beneficial to you to think outside the box and create a design that is uniquely your own. Whatever design you go with, just be sure to follow the natural lines and architecture of your house to ensure the deck appears as a natural continuation. Don’t be afraid of using creative freedom – nobody builds a brand new deck on the regular. You have a fortunate opportunity in your hands to build a deck just as you want it to be.

Traditional brown decking can appear simply minimalistic and look particularly pleasing, but a variation in color could appeal to your overall style better. Common colors include a more gravel-like gray, a deeper brown, or a neutral tan. These color options will vary based on your specific choice of decking materials.

Be Aware of Available Decking Materials

Today’s available options for decking materials are truly limitless to suit any particular design or look that you are hoping to achieve. Different materials give off different vibes. A choice of traditional wood, such as a water-resistant redwood, will have a more rustic feel. A specific material may complement the age of your home a bit better, such as the choice of a composite wood decking for a modern home. Your overall home value may be based on aesthetics, but it’s your own decision to select the ideal decking material.

Being fully aware of all the available decking options out there is one of the top tips for designing a new backyard deck. Gone are the days of plain wood decking that requires consistent heavier maintenance. While a variety of conventional woods are still a viable option for you, there are assorted options that will not crack as easily or cause splinters as quickly. Domestic redwood and cedar are a step above pressure-treated wood. Colorful exotic hardwoods are far more dense and durable if they are in your price range.

If you want your deck to last for decades, it’s time to look at quality alternative materials. Synthetic composite wood decking is the most popular option to replace traditional wood decking. This type of material is a polymer combination that is more resistant to wear and tear and mold damage. Composite decking is available in a wide array of colors but can fade over time. Another striking option is aluminum, which is common for houses with water-views, as its durable and more slip-resistant. Whatever decking material choice you make, it will heavily influence the design and year-round upkeep.

Factor in Location

Location, location, location. A top design trick to remember is to select the best location for a deck that your property offers. Property size will limit choices but if the sky is the limit, take maximum advantage of nature and its views. If you desire to receive more sun in the morning and afternoon, the deck will need to be built facing in one direction. If the opposite is true, then the deck will need to be built facing the other direction. Privacy is also another matter to consider location-wise. How visible will it be to passersby or neighbors? Perfect placement is surely the main factor to discuss with deck designers and builders.

If you’re designing a new backyard deck and are searching for deck companies in Denver, you’ve found the right contactors. Whenever you are ready to improve and upgrade the outside look of your Colorado home, Kona Contractors is here to help. From initial design conception to the end of the deck’s construction, our deck builders are absolutely fully capable of collaborating with your needs and ideas and handle the entire installation process. As the premier building specialists in the surrounding Denver area, our team of professional hardscape contractors will take care of every detail. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to get a free estimate today.

Top Tips for Designing a New Backyard Deck

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