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Things To Know Before Installing an Outdoor Fireplace

Whether on a deck, patio, or in the yard, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits create new living spaces for you and your guests to enjoy, even as the weather cools. Long nights around a crackling fire make you feel like you’re on vacation in your backyard! Here are some things to know before installing an outdoor fireplace that will point you in the right direction regarding what setup is the best fit for you.

Gas vs. Wood vs. Electric

Multiple outdoor fireplace styles are available for homeowners, but each one comes with advantages and disadvantages. A traditional wood fireplace captures the cozy feeling that often comes to mind when we imagine sitting around the warm glow of a wood fire. However, wood-burning produces a significant amount of smoke, and this classic choice also comes with increased regulation.

Outdoor gas and electric fireplaces don’t emit ash and can generate the heat necessary to create a welcoming backyard ambience. However, you need to hook them both up, either to a gas line or outlet. Furthermore, neither will generate quite the same heat as a traditional fire.

Location and Space

Choosing the location of your fireplace or fire pit is an essential first step. Fireplaces come in a variety of shapes and sizes. So, choosing a style that works best for your outdoor living space is important for keeping everyone comfortable. Beyond considering seating and proximity to the home, local regulations can impact the placement of your fireplace. Check guidelines and laws in your area before setting your heart on a spot for your fireplace. Additionally, be mindful of the setup needs of non-wood burning options.

Necessary Upkeep

Each fireplace type will require a different kind of upkeep. Fire pits that burn wood tend to require some combination of ash removal, scrubbing, and rinsing. On the other hand, gas fire pit maintenance focuses on keeping the burners and gas line clean. Cast iron fire pits, like cast iron pans, need extra attention during regular cleanings. Consider how much time you’re comfortable spending on fireplace upkeep before choosing a style.

Fire Safety

One of the most important things to know before installing an outdoor fireplace is the set of common fire safety procedures to follow. Anything flammable should either sit at a distance or have some form of protection from embers, flames, and gas. This includes everything from outdoor furnishings to the lawn itself. You should keep a fire extinguisher of the correct fire class nearby in case of an emergency and should maintain it yearly to keep it up to date.

With style options, placement, and regulations in mind, you can take the next steps in choosing your ideal fireplace or fire pit. Contact our expert team at Kona Contractors for customizable outdoor fireplace installation in Denver, CO, and take your cozy summer nights outdoors!

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