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How To Choose the Best Deck Material

Adding a deck to your outdoor space is a welcome addition to any property. But before you begin the process of installing a deck, you should research what material works best for you: wood or composite. Both offer advantages and disadvantages concerning cost, maintenance, and appearance.

Check out these tips to learn how to choose the best deck material to find the best option for your outdoor space.


If you were to choose wood decking, you have the option of selecting untreated or pressure-treated: pressure-treated helps the wood be more resistant to mildew, extreme temperatures, and humidity. Because of the many different options of wood decking, the cost varies widely. Woods like cedar are attractive but are softer and can be easily scratched. Without a sealant, redwood quickly turns from its red color to a dark grey and can be expensive for larger decks.

Pressure-treated wood is typically made from pine—a wood known for its durability and cost-effectiveness. However, it does need regular maintenance to retain its natural color and can easily split and splinter.


Composite decks are created from a combination of wood fibers and recycled plastics. The look and texture is very similar to wood but is inexpensive and needs little to no maintenance. Other benefits of composite decking include:

  • Durability— Unlike wood alternatives, composite decks are resistant to fading, scratching, and mold. They will never grow mold, crack, or splinter.
  • No Maintenance— Wood decks require power washing, staining, and sealing throughout the years to maintain their look. Composite decking only needs a simple annual wash.
  • Sustainability — Composite decks are made from recycled materials helping to combat deforestation.

Knowing how to choose the best deck material will help you enjoy your new deck for years to come! Contact Kona Contractors for your Denver deck installation!

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