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Different Types of Deck Styles

Different Types of Deck Styles

Your outdoor space is a truly valuable asset to your home. Hence, it’s only logical that installing or updating a deck can make for an even more peaceful retreat. With such a variety of materials on the market today, the decision of what kind of decking material to use can be a difficult feat. The one that will suit your space best is one that will fit not only your budget and aesthetic appeal but have ease of maintenance and be suitable for your climate as well. Without further ado, here are the different types of deck styles.

Traditional Wood Decking

Natural wood decking is surely beautiful and considerably durable. Wood offers a classic look to the overall appearance of your home, no matter the design. However, wood decks do need regular maintenance, such as sealing and staining, and are more prone to crack or rot in need of repair. From redwood to cedar to bamboo and pressure-treated options like pine, wood decking is truly an authentic style. However, it may not be the right choice for everyone. Several alternative deck styles have become quite popular over the years.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is another common choice for its attractive, eco-friendly style. This decking looks just like wood and comes in a wide array of colors. However, this decking material is composed of recycled wood fibers and durable synthetic materials, so there is no need to paint or stain. Composite wood is definitely more cost-effective as it will not rot, crack, or splinter, and its maintenance is effortless compared to traditional wood.

Plastic Decking

Similar to composite decking, plastic decking materials are durable and easy to maintain. Popular options are made out of PVC or polyethylene. Plastic decking is a smooth, lightweight material that can resist the natural elements without splintering or decaying. However, it may have a more unnatural look and get burning hot in direct sunlight. A plastic style deck may be a good choice for now, but remember, its color choice is one you cannot alter later.

Aluminum Decking

One of the different types of deck styles is aluminum. Aluminum decking is surely for those who desire a more industrial style. Aluminum has long-lasting durability, looks distinctly nothing like wood, and is absolutely low-maintenance. Aluminum is a popular choice for deck styles near lakes or swimming pools as it won’t mildew, rust, or cause slips or falls. Plus, its baked-on finish is tough to withstand any harsh weather conditions.

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