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The Difference Between a Deck and a Patio

Whenever nice weather comes around to your neighborhood, you’re sure to glimpse people outside—especially after a snowy or rainy season. Backyard living areas allow homeowners to create a whole new dimension to their outdoor space. No two backyards are exactly alike—how do you want to use your own unique space?

Many people opt to install a deck or patio to enhance their outdoor living lifestyle. Though they both essentially serve a similar purpose, decks and patios are not interchangeable terms. These open-space structures differ in material, arrangement, placement, and construction. Let’s examine the difference between a deck and a patio a bit closer to determine which is a better fit for your outdoor space.

Let’s Talk About Patios

Patios sit at ground level, typically paved or made of concrete, stone, tile, or brick. They can be directly outside the home or in a separate area of the lawn. Since patios are flush with the ground, they are ideal for fire pits, barbeque grills, water features, and numerous types of outdoor furniture.

Many people choose to plant shrubs or flower beds around their patios because they’re at an even level to your green space. Since they don’t affect your home’s structure, patios are usually less complex to build. Due to their simplicity over decks, patio materials are generally more affordable, so these structures tend to cost less to build overall.

Let’s Define Decks

Attachment to the home is the primary difference between a deck and a patio. Decks sit off the ground—raised platforms that are easily recognizable as additions to a home—and are not a part of its traditional architecture. Their distinct elevation offers a prime vantage point of your yard and a clear separation from other landscaping.

Decks are traditionally made of wood or composite materials and tend to cost more since they are more complex to build. Homeowners need to consider how a deck may affect their home’s foundation or aesthetic appeal, as well as the time it will take to obtain local permits and safety inspections.

The Pros and Cons: It’s Up To You

Each of these outdoor living areas offers a flat, stable surface that can accommodate a large group of people. You can cover either structure or design with a pergola or roof to provide shade from the sun. The choice depends entirely on your personal preference and budget restrictions.

When considering a construction budget for a new patio or deck, it’s important to understand what factors will affect your expenses, such as materials, location, and size. When you’ve decided how best to maximize your outdoor space, be sure to choose the right contractors. For trusted builders in the Denver area, look no further than Kona Contractors. We are here to help with the entire process of your Denver deck installation or patio project. Fill out our online form for a free estimate today.

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