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How To Choose the Right Patio Pavers

How To Choose the Right Patio Pavers

Ideally, your outdoor landscape and living space should be usable in a variety of ways and should boast a design and aesthetic that is uniquely yours. One of the best ways to create a wonderful outdoor space is to install a hardscape patio using pavers. Paving stones (aka pavers) are typically small pieces of stone, concrete, or natural materials that are installed with varying textures, patterns, and colors.

With the right installation, these pieces form a beautiful and solid pavement system that’s built to last. Since the list of paver patio ideas is limitless, we’ve put together a general guide on how to choose the right patio pavers for your outdoor living space. Here’s some further info to get you started.

Consider the Perfect Color

When we are speaking about color, we mean that a homeowner should consider the type of tone they are looking for. Everyone has their own personal taste. Similar to the interior paint colors of a home, the chosen patio paver color will create a tone that is either light or dark. A lighter color will emit a more natural tone that is spacious and open, while a darker color will establish a more intimate, comfortable tone that is striking. Subtle shades may be the best choice, as they won’t fade over time.

Dream About Design: Shape and Structure

Once you have chosen a color palette, you need to think about the size and shape of the pavers that will create a uniquely structured design. When you are considering how to choose the right patio pavers, try to keep the design at the core of the entire project. Larger pavers will require less installation work but will generate a patio that appears more minuscule. Smaller pavers may come at a slightly higher cost and may initially take more time to install, but they open up a whole new world of design possibilities.

Select the Most Suitable Material

Paver material is the most crucial aspect to consider when choosing the right pavers for your outdoor space. This decision may be agonizing with the excess of available options on the market, but that only means you are sure to find the most favorable option for your needs and desires in the end. Typically, patio pavers are sorted into two different categories: natural and composite. Natural materials are stones, such as slate, granite, or limestone, as well as clay or brick. Composite pavers are made out of concrete in diverse styles. Each option has its pros and cons—the right material is simply a personal choice.

If you’re searching for professional paver installation in Denver, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Kona Contractors, we can handle small and large patio paver projects from the very start all the way up to the finish line. Our paving contractors mesh with your vision to ensure the most suitable hardscape design for your outdoor space. We can help you select the right paver material to make your Colorado home truly pop. Give us a call or fill out our online form for a free estimate today.

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