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How Can Rain Cause Damage to Your Patio?

As we move through the spring and summer seasons, homeowners can expect more rain than usual. While your yard will welcome the extra moisture, your outdoor fixtures might not. Composite decks may develop issues from the excess water even though they’re water resistant. Any accessories on your deck might also be susceptible to rain damage.

How can rain cause damage to your patio? There are several ways spring and summer showers can cause a huge mess for your outdoor space. Here are some common problems you should be aware of to keep your deck in tip-top shape.

Mold Growth

Wet, dark, and warm conditions are perfect for mold and bacteria growth. When you leave standing water on your patio from heavy showers, you’re opening your space to be a breeding ground for these microorganisms. Mold is unsightly, smells terrible, and can even create a health hazard, so make sure to maintain your patio after a heavy rainstorm.

Mold and mildew are accessories you don’t want on your patio. Any pillows, blankets, and rugs sitting on your deck can host mildew and other bacteria. Put these items in a safe location before the storm hits to protect them from rainfall.

Wood Damage

Water is one of lumber’s most lucrative enemies. Standing water causes wood to warp and will lead to rotting in the future. This damages your fixtures’ structural integrity, which could pose a safety risk and cause your patio to deteriorate.

While composite decking materials can withstand rain better than wood, other structures on your patio might be at risk. Wood beams, pergolas, and other lumber-based accessories will take on rain damage. The best way to avoid these problems is to treat and seal your wooden fixtures and shield them from Mother Nature.

Slipping Hazard

Of course, slipping hazards are the most pressing problems rain causes on composite patios. Decks with this material are water resistant, so water sits on the surface instead of soaking into the boards. This protects your patio from internal damage but may cause a safety issue.

Slipping on your patio will definitely hurt you and might even damage your deck if you take anything down with you. After a rainstorm, remove any standing water from your outdoor space. If you choose to let it air dry, be careful navigating around slippery areas and monitor children who might run around and fall.

Can rain cause damage to your patio? The answer is a resounding yes. The best way to protect your deck from seasonal showers is to install a roof or patio covering. Kona Contractors offer the best patio roofing in Denver. Safeguard your deck before it’s too late! Reach out today to learn more about our rain covering solutions for patios.