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How To Make Your Outdoor Space Feel Cozy and Inviting

How To Make Your Outdoor Space Feel Cozy and Inviting

Picture a crisp night in Denver. Friends and family gather in front of your outdoor fireplace, blankets over their shoulders and a warm drink in hand. The glow of the fire, the smell of smoke, the sound of laughter—everyone deserves a life as lovely as this.

If this is the life you’ve always dreamed of, you’re in luck! Making your outdoor space feel cozy and inviting is easy with the right design and structures. Don’t settle for a dull deck; learn how to spruce up your space just in time for the holidays.

Focus on Fire

“Cozy” and “inviting” are synonymous with “warmth,” an important aspect of every outdoor living space. The best way to crank up the heat on a chilly Denver night is by focusing on fire.

Fire features belong on decks and patios. While they make excellent seasonal accessories, you can actually use them all year long! Fireplaces and pits are the most common features to add to your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Fire Pit

Fire pits bring everyone together. These features work well in open spaces where there’s plenty of ventilation. Connect yours to a gas line for easy ignition, or go the old-fashioned route with lumber or coal.

Outdoor fire pits in Denver are totally customizable to fit any backyard. Build yours directly into your deck or patio, or install one in a separate area. You can choose between an in-ground or above-ground pit to fit your unique needs.

Shapes, sizes, materials—the customizations are nearly endless! Round fire pits are excellent for small gatherings, while long rectangular pits fit more people. They’re also easy to maintain, making them the perfect fire feature for beginners.

Outdoor Fireplace

If you want something with more elegance, an outdoor fireplace is the way to go. Fireplaces add a luxurious touch to rustic decks. They work well with covered spaces, too, as chimneys will provide safe ventilation.

Outdoor fireplaces are perfect for unwinding after a long and stressful day. The added warmth allows you to use your outdoor space, even during the coldest Colorado winters. They’re also wise investments since they withstand the test of time with a good maintenance routine.

Who says you have to choose between the two? Many Denver homeowners install fireplaces under their covered spaces and build separate features in their open areas. Add plenty of cozy seating to create warm gathering spots for all your guests!

Perfect Your Privacy

To make your outdoor space feel cozy and inviting, you need a certain level of privacy. Just like fire features, your privacy structures are customizable to enhance your unique deck or patio. You have a few options; personalize your choice for subtle shade or complete confidentiality.

Patio Roof

Most people think patio roofs are just for weather protection. However, this coverage often gives people a sense of privacy. Sky exposure makes people feel vulnerable; roofs add a sense of security.

Patio roofs are incredible decorative tools. You can install rustic chandeliers with low, warm lighting to add ambiance to your space. Hang string lights or Edison-style bulbs from your roof’s edges to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Privacy Walls

For complete seclusion, build privacy walls around your space. These structures keep prying eyes away from your deck without compromising your aesthetic. Homeowners can customize their privacy walls with different materials, such as lumber, brick, or stone, to match their home’s exterior.

You don’t have to surround your entire patio if you don’t want to. Be strategic about where you install privacy walls so you can still enjoy your backyard views. If you want complete coverage, privacy walls pair well with patio roofs.

Incorporate Plants and Greenery

Every outdoor living space needs a natural element. The easiest way to include nature is by incorporating plants in your design. Set potted plants around your patio or hang them from your patio roof.

Are you looking for something more whimsical? Privacy walls, arbors, and pergolas are perfect for growing vines. Allowing your greenery to climb these structures will make your deck or patio look like something out of a fairytale.

Stock Your Outdoor Kitchen

Stock your outdoor kitchen with warm beverages and savory snacks, so your inviting outdoor space will be ready to entertain guests at a moment’s notice. Add a bar cart to your deck or patio to organize all your wines and spirits.

Nothing says “welcoming” like a home-cooked meal. Install a grill island in your outdoor kitchen area and serve up food made from the heart. Enjoy fresh meals with your guests in front of a warm fire feature to complete the experience.

Add Plush Accessories

Your outdoor structures lay a foundation for coziness. Your accessories enhance the atmosphere by adding comfort and warmth. Choose patio furniture with plush seat cushions and tons of padding.

Add throw pillows and blankets so people can customize their comfort. Keep your extra blankets in cute wicker baskets that compliment your rustic space.

Don’t forget to add a beautiful rug to protect the deck. You can add more seating by offering floor pillows. Pair your accessories with string lights, plants, and a warm fire for a cozy bohemian aesthetic.

Play Mood Music

Cozy, welcoming outdoor spaces cater to all your senses. Relaxing mood music is the best way to set the tone. Place speakers around your patio and connect them to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to play all your favorite songs.

Take it one step further by installing an outdoor speaker system. Surround sound will ensure everyone gets a taste of your sweet tunes. Bring in the holiday cheer by playing seasonal music and carols while toasting marshmallows around the fire or enjoying a meal in your outdoor kitchen.

Design an Inviting Outdoor Space With Kona Contractors

Welcoming outdoor living spaces have a ton of moving parts. That’s why you need a one-stop shop to take care of the design, installation, and maintenance process. Denver residents, look no further than Kona Contractors!

Our experienced contractors can build and customize any feature to make your deck or patio warm and cozy. From outdoor fireplaces to privacy walls, we do it all. Check out our outdoor living space gallery to see what we’re about; then contact us today to schedule a consultation.

How To Make Your Outdoor Space Feel Cozy and Inviting