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Live Stress Free With Mineral Based Composite Decking

Mineral Based Composite Decking

Composite Decking vs. Wood Decking

Have you ever feared walking out onto your deck barefoot? How often do you allow yourself to go out in “nature” and ground yourself? Have you ever considered what it would be like to walk out onto your deck and not worry about splinters from wood decking? If so, you just might need mineral-based composite (MBC) decking. In this blog post, you will explore all the reasons why its beneficial for your outdoor living space deck to use mineral based composite decking.

Mineral Based Composite Decking Outdoor Kitchen

Why Kona chooses composite decking?

  • Kona contractors uses mineral-based composite (MBC) decking for the best strength to weight ratio for Colorado decks.
  • Kona contractors provides composite decking material options for being extremely scratch resistant.
  • Kona contractors prefers to offer customers decks that are nearly maintenance free.
  • Kona contractors ensures a 5 year warranty with the use of Deckorators MBC decking.

Focusing on the use of quality products is important. When you invest the time into learning about the value of mineral based composite decking, you gain a new whole new outdoor living space experience. Outdoor Living Space shoppers should know the maintenance that comes with the “natural wood” look. A wood deck will bring a great deal of engagement with your deck that you may not desire to sign up for. For example, a wood deck will bring about the need to sand, stain, paint, or reseal your deck. All of that is completely avoidable with MBC decking. The only maintenance it will require is a yearly soap and water clean. This is why Kona Contractors suggests that Colorado decks are built with mineral based composite decking to ensure sustainability and durability in the winter weather for Colorado Decks.

How do customers benefit from MBC decking versus wood decking?

What is the point of investing in a luxury deck installation if you can’t walk outside barefoot? New technology is available today that allows you to have the natural look, feel, and touch of wood without the pain! Never worry about the need for sanding, staining, sealing, or painting your Colorado deck again! When you use quality materials like a steel frame and mineral based composite decking you are guaranteed a 5 year warranty with Kona Contractors deck design and installation service. Most importantly, have the ability to have a fire feature, grill island, container pool, pergola, or roof cover built on top of your mineral based composite deck, as it is the industries leading strength to weight ratio.

What do you avoid choosing composite vs. wood decking?

  • Mineral Based Composite decking does not have checks.
  • Mineral Based Composite decking does not have shakes.
  • Mineral Based Composite decking does not allow for a wane.

Preventive care or reactive care? When customers are shopping around and exploring the difference between composite decking vs. wood decking, maintenance is the deciding factor. When consumers choose to buy composite decking vs. wood decking, they allow themselves the opportunity to enjoy their outdoor living space that much more. MBC allows you the opportunity to select from multiple styles and colors without the staining process. This dramatically reduces the time for your deck installation. Additionally, mineral based composite decking eliminates the possibility of stepping into a splinter while you’re hosting a party or completing your daily yoga routine. Long term maintenance issues are nearly non-existent when you clean your deck with water and soap once or twice a year. If you have the opportunity, explore walking on a wood deck after 5 years of wear and tear and a 5 year old composite based deck as well before you decide to go with wood decking.

Listen to @jasonvarney discuss mineral based composite decking with deckorators about the value they bring to outdoor living spaces.

Spend your time, energy, and wealth wisely

According to SmartAsset, “real estate can offer some stability for investors when the economy slows.” When it comes to real estate, it’s a common practice for Homeowners to upgrade, remodel, or add structures to their existing layout. Investing your time into researching the benefits of mineral based composite decking will only improve the long term use of your outdoor living space. While there are several types of composite decking materials to choose from, MBC is the industry leader. Investing your energy into learning what the quality resources are that will support your daily wellness routine begins with MBC decking, especially for Colorado decks. We guarantee it is the best use of your capital from our professional experience.

Mineral Based Decking In Colorado

Invest In The Right Composite Decking

Investing your wealth into a luxury outdoor living space is one of the wisest decisions during economic downturns, hardships & changes. When you invest your time, energy, and wealth into a premier outdoor living space with Kona Contractors you are guaranteed to meet all your county permits and HOA requirements. Naturally, this will lead to your property value increasing and becoming more desirable, according to HomeLight.

Deck with Mineral Based Composite Decking
Grill Island & Mineral Based Composite Decking.

Kona Contractors focuses on completing projects with professional care and through all appropriate channels for approval prior to ordering materials and initiating the building process. Contact us today using our contact form where you can submit pictures to begin our free consultation session.

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