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Major Benefits of Installing Patio Covers

A covered patio can enhance your enjoyment of warmer months immensely. Not only do they protect you from the sun and unexpected weather, but they can also increase the value of your home. Check out the major benefits of installing patio covers.

Guards Against Bad Weather

A surprise rainstorm can ruin an afternoon outside. Even a few minutes of a downpour can disrupt a party or even a quiet date night at home. A covered patio prevents the rain from delaying your plans.

Extends Living Space

A patio roof can turn a simple patio into an extended living space for your home — even during the winter. Heaters can make what was once a one-season space for family and friends into an all-season area to relax in and entertain yourself and others.

Prevents Sun Damage

Even though they have durable designs, patio furniture can only withstand so much of the blazing summer sun. Constant exposure to the sun will fade cushions and cause paint to peel and flake. Luckily a patio cover will protect your furniture and you from the sun! Patio covers limit your exposure to harsh UV rays and help prevent uncomfortable sunburns.

Lowers Temperatures

With the sun blocked from beating down onto your patio, the interior room directly next to the patio will likely become cooler, too. Blocking more sun exposure to your house can help prevent you from constantly running your air conditioner during the summer, giving you lower electric bills.

Increases Property Value

Did you know that a covered patio increases your home’s value? Potential homebuyers see the possibilities of the extended living space available with roofed patios! So, if you’re planning to sell, this could be a definite bonus.


Patio covers can also add more privacy to your property, especially if you live in a subdivision. A patio roof with potted plants along the perimeter can turn your patio into a tranquil oasis.

These are some major benefits of installing patio covers! Would you like to have year-round access to your patio?

Contact Kona Contractors for questions about installing patio covers in Denver, CO! Our outdoor living contractors are here to help. You can also learn more about caring for backyard decks and patios by exploring our blog!