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Outdoor Fireplace Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Outdoor Fireplace Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

An outdoor fireplace is an excellent addition to any backyard. You can expand your living space during cooler months. But still, even during the summer, you can make parties more manageable and entertaining with the ability to grill food, roast marshmallows, and provide lighting.

Here are some outdoor fireplace safety tips every homeowner should know to ensure everyone can enjoy the fireplace safely.

Fireplace Necessities

Safety begins with purchasing the correct outdoor fireplace. You’ll need to determine some factors to make sure a fireplace can fit onto your deck, patio, or yard:

  • Can it accommodate several logs without any part hanging out of the fireplace?
  • If you’d like to move the fireplace around your yard, make sure it doesn’t weigh too much to avoid it tipping over when moving it.
  • How thick is the metal of the fireplace? Thin metals wear out, and embers will fall out of the bottom.
  • A lid helps keep ashes contained when it isn’t in use.
  • If the fireplace is gas or propane, you should look for shutoff valves and venting.
  • Any fireplace should have a screen to prevent embers from starting grass fires.

Using Your Fireplace

After you’ve selected a fireplace with safety necessities, there are steps to take when using it to prevent any accidents:

  • Even with a screen in place, never leave your fire unattended.
  • If you’re not placing it on an inflammable surface like stone or concrete, put a fire pad beneath it. Never use it on a bare wood deck.
  • Learn how to use the vents correctly; you should direct smoke and embers up and not out.
  • Keep your fireplace a safe distance from your house, structures, tree limbs, or wires.
  • Have a hose or fire extinguisher nearby in case of an emergency.
  • Clean our ash and debris from your fireplace.

Installing an Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor fireplace safety tips every homeowner should know also extend to installing a fireplace. Proper installation of an outdoor fireplace also has safety concerns, especially a permanent structure.

It’s usually better to contact a professional since they know how to prevent hazards. They will understand the safest locations to place the fireplace, the correct inflammable material to use, and fire codes for your municipality.

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