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The 3 Best Vines To Grow on Your Pergola This Spring

Few things are more beautiful than a pergola fully dressed with the most succulent greenery. However, selecting plants to adorn your garden structure can be tricky. There are so many plants to choose from, each of which requires different levels of care and skill to cultivate. You want to pick something that will thrive in Denver’s climate while fitting with your general outdoor aesthetic.

If you’re struggling to decide which climbing plants to introduce to your structure, don’t panic! Here are the three best vines to grow on your pergola this spring.

Climbing Roses

If you want something beautiful, versatile, and resilient, consider growing climbing roses on your pergola this season. These vines come in many vibrant colors, from vibrant yellows to romantic pinks and reds, so you can pull off any kind of garden look you want to accomplish.

Climbing roses grow quickly and can climb structures without adding too much strain to them. The best part is that these flowers typically thrive from spring to fall, so you’ll get to enjoy them for several months at a time. Climbing roses aren’t just appealing to the eyes; they’re also incredibly fragrant, perfect for people who need to “stop and smell the roses.”


There are several species of honeysuckle that you can train to climb your pergola and other outdoor structures. These plants usually feature dark green leaves and light-colored flowers, creating a perfect contrast that allows them to pop. Honeysuckle does need a little more support than climbing roses, so make sure your structure is strong enough to support them.

Honeysuckle will have your pergola looking like a scene from a Disney movie. These flowers produce gorgeous aromas that attract people and animals alike. Watch your garden blossom into an oasis with hummingbirds, butterflies, and other interesting organisms visiting your climbing vines.

Trumpet Creepers

The best vines to grow on your pergola this spring are resourceful and able to adapt to various climates. Trumpet creepers fit this bill to a T—these plants can grow in colder climates, but they can also withstand the changing seasons and thrive even as temperatures start to rise. It’s hard to miss these flowers, with their distinct trumpet-like petals from which their name derives.

Don’t let the title fool you—there’s nothing creepy about these beautiful vines! They usually bloom in a bright, bold orange, but you can also find some yellow and red variants. Trumpet creepers also smell amazing, enticing pollinators that will boost every plant in your garden.

Before you start planting, be sure to hire a Denver pergola company to install your perfect outdoor fixture. Contact us today and let us help you give your home that extra flair it’s missing.

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