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The Benefits of Installing a Pergola

The word “pergola” is derived from a Latin term meaning a projecting eave. Traditional pergolas dated back to the grand days of the Italian Renaissance and functioned as an extended roof or arbor. You can almost picture it now—the vast masonry of stone and brick that added beauty to everyday life during these times.

In modern days, pergolas are designed to enhance your personal outdoor living space through functionality and simplicity. Many are built out of wood, metal, or vinyl, and they are a unique way to enhance the real beauty of a backyard. If you’re a homeowner or outdoor enthusiast, a pergola may be a considerable architectural element to add to your own yard. Read on to discover the benefits of installing a pergola.

Shade and Protection From Natural Elements

Pergolas are typically large outdoor structures covering a deck, patio, or garden. However, pergolas are more than just mere design trends; they are designed to make an outdoor space even more livable. With a pergola, people are able to fully appreciate their backyards year-round through increased protection and shade from adverse weather conditions. You can enjoy shade on a patio or deck in the summer on the hottest days, or add a canopy or drapes for supplementary privacy and warmth during the cooler seasons.

Increase Potential Home Value

Homeowners across the country know the importance of an outdoor living space, from creating a prime location for entertainment and enjoyment to simply being visually pleasing to the eye. Over time, a home’s exterior may become its own pride and joy, a wonderful centerpiece of aesthetics that are setting new standards for outdoor living spaces each day. One of the benefits of installing a pergola is that it capitalizes on the space you already have for home improvement and creates a new asset that can boost your home’s value if you decide to sell in the future.

An Extension of Your Living Space

You can install pergolas in two ways: attached or free-standing. Those that are attached to houses add to the pre-existing living space. This pergola design serves as a natural extension of a home’s indoor space when walking outdoors. Pergolas that are free-standing are open and airy, not a design meant to minimize space but rather maximize outdoor potential. Add furniture and decorations of your choice or create a gorgeous garden in the sky to make the pergola feel unique—the only limitation is your own imagination.

If you’re sold on the idea of a pergola for your home, you’ll need to entrust a local pergola company with the expert design, assembly, and installation of the entire project. Kona Contractors is located in Denver and is a professional company that values helping customers create their perfect outdoor space in their backyard so they can enjoy all that Colorado has to offer. Let us offer assistance for your needs today.

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