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The Dos and Don’ts of Removing Snow From Your Deck

The Dos and Don’ts of Removing Snow From Your Deck

Falling snow might be pretty, but you might also wonder how your deck is doing under snowdrifts for months on end. Before you feverishly begin shoveling the collecting flakes off, there are some dos and don’ts of removing snow from your deck that you should know.

Learn more about properly removing snow and ice from your Denver deck this winter.

Do Prepare Your Deck During the Fall

You must do some steps to prepare your deck for winter before the first snow. These will help make snow removal easier and protect the integrity of your deck. You’ll want to sweep away debris and remove any furniture or plants before washing to remove mildew.

Do Use a Broom

Keep that broom handy because you’ll need it to help brush away light snowfall. A broom is a better option than a shovel because you won’t scratch or nick the boards on your deck. Plus, it won’t accidentally pry up loose nails or screws like a metal shovel might.

Don’t Shovel Too Much

An important point in this list of dos and don’ts of removing snow from your deck is to avoid going crazy with shoveling. Obviously, you won’t be able to remove every bit of snow with a broom. You’ll need to use a snow shovel for heavier snow. However, that doesn’t mean you should remove snow every time it falls. Decks can often withstand up to three feet of snow, and in some cases, they have more structural integrity than some roofs.

Don’t Use Salt

If you use your back deck to enter your house, you’ll need to clear a pathway from your back door to the backyard. After you shovel, you might need to sprinkle some salt down to make traction easier. But you shouldn’t use salt on your deck, as it can cause the metal parts, such as screws and even the joists, to rust. You’ll want to use a de-icer with a design for use on decks since many of them contain chemicals that can damage the deck.

Do Find Deck Repair in Denver

Do you need deck repair in Denver? When springtime approaches and you’re noticing some wear and tear from the long winter, reach out to Kona Contractors to you restore or rebuild your deck.

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